‘Aquaman 2’ is dropping in 2022. Here’s hoping there are good DCU films to compare it to by then

aquaman 2 2022

I thought Aquaman was a fusillade of visual diarrhea and narrative incoherence. However, some people seemed to really enjoy it. The optimistic part of me really wants to believe it’s because there are almost no good DCU movies. But, hey. Whatever floats your boat. That said, I really hope by the time the sequel drops there are other DCU movies worth watching, and thus comparing it to.

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Jason Momoa cast in the ‘Dune’ movie, folks. We all better bring linings for our seats at this point, huh?

jason momoa dune movie

Jason Momoa is in the Dune movie. Apparently, every single gorgeous person in Hollywood is in the Dune movie. And, I can’t fucking wait.

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‘Aquaman’ First Look: Jason Momoa looking brooding, beefy as hell as Arthur Curry

aquaman first look jason momoa beefy

There’s no real reason to dawdle, filling this post with words. We’re all here for the same thing, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves. Jason Momoa looking beefy as fuck as Arthur Curry.

Hit the jump for the full thing, because EW is garbage and watermarks their pics.

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‘Aquaman’ Movie Pushed Back Two Months To Christmas 2018

aquaman movie delayed christmas 2018

Aquaman has been delayed. But, for once, it doesn’t seem the cause of a DC movie delay is gross incompetence or Development Hell. Rather, the movie is going to take the place of the delayed Avatar 2.

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‘Just Cause’ Getting Movie Adaptation Starring Jason Momoa

just cause jason momoa movie

So, uh. This is a thing. Just Cause seems dope. My wife and I are in love with Jason Momoa. I just, just don’t know how much this adaptation needed, or if an audience exists for it?

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‘Aquaman’ Is Zack Snyder’s “Baby” According To Jason Momoa

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

Whelp, if you were excited for Aquaman, maybe temper that excitement a bit.

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‘Frontier’ Trailer: Jason Momoa Is A Beautiful Killing Machine

I didn’t even know Frontier was a thing being made. I’m not really if I’m ever going to watch it, but there is certainly an inherent appeal in the idea of watching Jason Momoa mirk legions of folk.

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‘Aquaman’ Using ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Stunt Team

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

As long as Ben Affleck is fucking around with the script and saying he’s doing/maybe not doing The Batman, Aquaman is going to be my most anticipated DCU movie. So, I meet the news that the movie will be using the Fury Road stunt team with 100% heavy metal skull smashing excitement.

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‘Aquaman’ Gets Official October 2018 Release Date

aquaman release date october 2018

Aquaman, or known around the Omega Household (to wife and husband alike) as Excuse To Ogle Jason Momoa, is officially dropping in October of 2018.

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