Ron Howard reshot nearly all of the ‘Han Solo’ movie. So, here’s me giving no fucks about it

ron howard reshot han solo movie all of it

Man. There was trepidation in my balls when it was announced that Ron Howard was replacing Lord and Miller on the Han Solo movie. Now, I’m pretty much checked out on the entire fucking enterprise. I mean, Howard nearly reshot all of it? Here’s to overwhelming vanilla banality and weepy sentiment. His two favorites.

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OMEGA-CAST #23: That Time Iron Maiden Said Let’s Have Three Guitarists

OMEGA-CAST #23: That Time Iron Maiden Said Let's Have Three Guitarists

The OMEGA-CAST is back, jackholes! With Rendar, to boot! Oh, so, delicious! Not really. It’s a bunch of me being really phlegmy, burping, and realizing the reason no one likes me anymore is because I come off as a sports talk radio host! Oh, I’m being negative.

Okay, okay. Um. You could always just skip to the part where Rendar, who has returned, and whose returned I said I would wait for, until we recorded a new podcast, argues with bitchy, loveless Eduardo about Baby Driver.

There’s, uh, other stuff. Han Solo movie talk, Bateman’s typical sociopathy, and overall just degenerate garbage lord fun. I hope you’ll join us!

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about ‘The Flash’ movie during ‘Han Solo’ hiatus

phil lord chris miller the flash movie

During their Han Solo movie hiatus, which then transformed into their firing, Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC films to discuss The Flash movie. They had previously been attached, then dropped off. Fuck, man. I’m all about them joining the troubled production, and righting that ship.

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‘Han Solo’ spin-off movie loses its directors and now everything is terrible

han solo movie loses directors

Citing creative differences, Lord and Miller have left the Han Solo movie. These two dudes were, quite frankly, the only reason I hate faith such a movie could be executed well. The two directors have made a career out of taking seemingly hackneyed and offensively dull premises and turning them into refreshingly subversive, and intelligent comedies. And now. Man.

I am…seriously fucking worried about this movie, and bummed.

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Maybe: ‘Han Solo’ movie crew shirts reveal the film’s official title

han solo movie title shirt

Take this for what it’s worth. The Han Solo movie crew got their own shirts. Said shirts may reveal the official title of the film, they may not. Welcome to the echo chamber SuckDrome that is the modern internet.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Will Take Place Between Ages 18-24, Reveal How He “Got His Name”

han solo how he got his name

I feel like, you know. I don’t want to really post about this shit, because I don’t care? But then I think there’s probably a couple of people who frequent here who *do* care, you know? Eh, without further adieu.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Adds ‘The Wire’ Star Michael K. Williams

han solo movie the wire michael k. williams

A couple of months ago I lazily, but somewhat earnestly threw out the prediction that the Han Solo movie would be the best post-Return of the Jedi movie in the Star Wars universe when it dropped. I’m beginning to think my lazy ass’d, haphazard prediction may be correct.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Announces Filming Has Begun With Official Cast Photo

han solo cast picture

What the fuck. Is this week the week of a thousand cast photos? Anyways. Han Solo movie is filming. I can’t fucking wait.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Close To Casting ‘Fleabag’ Star Phoebe Waller-Bridge In CG Role

han solo movie fleabag star phoebe waller-bridge

The Han Solo movie is close to casting Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a CG role. Waller-Bridge starred in Fleabag, which is apparently an Amazon/BBC show. Didn’t know! The aforementioned star would be playing a CG role, not unlike K-2SO.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Begins Filming, Proclaims Han Shot First In Tweet

han solo movie filming

Man. These guys get it.

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