Scoot McNairy joins Fargo season 3; the hits keep coming


Scoot McNairy has joined the cast of Fargo season 3, piling on to my already egregiously purple anticipatory boner for the show’s third installment.

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 casts Carrie Coon (‘The Leftovers’) as its Chief of Police

Carrie Coon

Fargo, season 3. Fargo, season 3! Fargo, season 3, wee! There is no season of no show I’m excited for, more than Fargo‘s third. And that’s saying something, since I’m literally rubbing my testicles thinking of Mr. Robot season 2, and calling them Elliot and Tyrell.

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Cristin Milioti (‘Fargo’) getting FX comedy pilot, produced by ‘Always Sunny’ folks

Cristin Milioti.

Fell in love with Cristin Milioti on Fargo. Yes, yes, I want her in more projects. Yes, yes, I want her in a pilot produced by the Always Sunny folks.

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 casts Ewan McGregor as season’s dual-leads

Ewan McGregor

Fargo hasn’t just cast Ewan McGregor for its third season. The (best) show has cast Obi-Wan for two roles, or more specifically, the dual-leads, playing two brothers. Fucking odd. Fucking fantastic. Fucking I am not going to make the wait for this show.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Trailer: FSociety For A Second Summer

If it weren’t for Fargo, then Mr. Robot would be my favorite series of the past few years. I cannot fucking wait for the second season. Can you?! I hope not!

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‘Fargo’ creator Noah Hawley making movie directing debut with sci-fi film ‘Man Alive’

Noah Hawley.

Man. I know that TV visionaries don’t always (or often?) make the jump to beast mode film auteurs. But my love for Noah Hawley demands I be eagerly hype for his debut on the big screen. I mean! Hawley! Fucking science-fiction! *Yes.gif*

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 not arriving until Spring 2017, will feature new characters


I wrapped up Fargo‘s second season last night, and boy did I ever love it. It goes down as one of my favorite works of fiction of all time, thanks to its effusive self-confidence, and meditation on all things Absurd. Which, you may or may not know, is pretty much my obsession and overall personal philosophical bent. So man! Man, am I ever excited to see where Noah Hawley and his team goes from here. It looks like I’m going to be waiting a while, though. Hawley has said that the show isn’t going to be returning until a year from next Spring. But I’m okay with this. Something as wonderful and as dense as Fargo shouldn’t be rushed out to accommodate public demand, or a network. I’m heartened by the idea that the team is going to take their time, and ideally churn out another wonderful season.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Jackboots Are Upon Us


Monday Morning Commute! And today, I commuted, on this Monday, as I began the last full week of the semester! I shake my fist at our Martian OverLord, Obliteratus. I shake my fist at him, and his promise to deliver us to his Mistress, Entropy. Someday! Sure! But for this week, I shall celebrate. The ending semester! The upcoming break!

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‘Fargo’ Season Three taking place “couple years” after Season One


I’m five episodes into Fargo‘s second season, and it is fucking fantastic. Better than season one? I’m not sure I’m ready to declare that (like many people are), but this season is definitely just as good. And different So different! Yet the same. So uh, anyways. Fuck! Fuck yeah! Let’s get this third season going, and fuck I’m down with it taking place a little after season one.

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Monday Morning Commute: Life Is What It Makes Of You

life is what it makes of you

Hey, friends. Come in, but come in quickly. It’s cold outside, and I don’t want the fire from the wood stove leaking out into the unforgiving late Autumn atmosphere. But I’m glad you’re joining me on this Monday. What am I up to? Oh! This here is Monday Morning Commute, the weekly column where I share with you what’s doing down in my life. I cave in admittance to the various songs, shows, books, and video games that I’m clinging to in an attempt to Successfully Surf the Life Existential.

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