Monday Morning Commute: The Jackboots Are Upon Us


Monday Morning Commute! And today, I commuted, on this Monday, as I began the last full week of the semester! I shake my fist at our Martian OverLord, Obliteratus. I shake my fist at him, and his promise to deliver us to his Mistress, Entropy. Someday! Sure! But for this week, I shall celebrate. The ending semester! The upcoming break!

Here is what I’m looking forward to this wonderful, signifiant week. What I’m digging, what I’m digging into. I hope after reading my poor, poor choices, you’ll share your own collection of Existential Potpourri for the coming week.


Can’t wait for this week’s episode of Fargo.

Best show on TV.

Lou Solverson, ILU.


Can’t get Jumpman out of my head.


I pretty much just want to play Fallout 4.

All day. Played it all weekend.

Going to play it all break.


Will be mentioning this in Weekend Open Bar, but.

I’m really looking forward to Aldo vs McGregor this Saturday.

Hopefully, McGregor gets his head kicked off. #Violence



We have a Christmas Tree! Sam decorated it all herself, yesterday.

I’m staring at it like, “I should feel something. But.

I don’t think I do.” It’s really pretty though.


Also listening to a lot of Childish Gambino.

Whatever! Unapologetic for my poor taste.


What are you folks up to this week? Let me know!