‘Aquaman’ Cast Gathers For A Table Read With James Wan

aquaman cast gathers for table read

It’s the cast of Aquman! Gathered together for a table read. Not really news, though there is no such thing as news anymore, no, no, no, there ain’t. But! It is a collection of Very Attractive Folk.

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‘Aquaman’ Casts Patrick Wilson As Ocean Master


I love Patrick Wilson as much as I am fucking clueless about Aquman lore. Which is to say — I fucking *love* him. So I’m excited for his casting in Aquaman, despite not knowing *who* the fuck he is playing.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Jackboots Are Upon Us


Monday Morning Commute! And today, I commuted, on this Monday, as I began the last full week of the semester! I shake my fist at our Martian OverLord, Obliteratus. I shake my fist at him, and his promise to deliver us to his Mistress, Entropy. Someday! Sure! But for this week, I shall celebrate. The ending semester! The upcoming break!

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‘Fargo’ Season 2 Trailer: We’re Just Out of Balance

Patrick Wilson Joins ‘ANT-MAN’, can’t possibly be worse than his other comic movie

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson was Owl-Guy in Zack Snyder’s fetishistic, slow-motion driven, intellectually challenged rendition of Watchermen. Now he’s back to the comic book stable, joining the cast of Ant-Man.

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