OL Squad’s FAVORITES OF 2018 Discussion Post! Come hang!

ol squad favorites 2018

Anyone who has been around OL for a good amount of time (coming up on ten fucking years) knows that I absolutely abhor fucking “best of lists” with a fury. They’re divisive, inflammatory, and lead to bickering and bitching. That said, anyone who has been around OL for a good amount of time also knows that I love cultivating a community wherein we can share dope shit. With that preposterously verbose preamble in mind, I’d like for us to gather and share our Favorites of 2018.

The fashion and function of this motherfucker is to share what we really, really enjoyed this year. As a means to reminisce and share your faves with people who have potentially missed these sweet, sweet thangs. Additionally, it’s a space for others to share their fucking faves that you may have missed. I by no means consider myself to have good taste or particularly incisive insight (especially since I’m rushing to get this out before NYE dinner), so take or leave this list! But, please, please share what you’ve enjoyed in the comments.

There were my favorites of 2018.

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‘Far Cry New Dawn’ Trailer: Finally the series is post-apocalit ???

I fuck with both Far Cry and the post-apocalypse heavy.

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Weekend Open Bar: If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?

when you wish upon a collapsing star

Hello, friends! It’s The Weekend Open Bar! Come hang out!

I’m feeling good over here. The weather has finally turned here on the Eastern seaboard of the Empire. My semester has finally ended. And, I’ve gotten consecutive nights of good sleep. All of this is to say is that I’m actually sticking my head out of the Depressive Cocoon I build around myself ever so often, and smiling!

By god, smiling.

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Weekend Open Bar: Sit Next To Me

weekend open bar sit next to me

Hell yes, it’s Weekend Open Bar.

What’s up, fellow denizens of the Space-Ship Omega? Me? This guy? I’m celebrating the cessation of the semester! Or, at least, the last full week. Not only that, but it’s the motherfucking weekend! With that in mind, I must cop to you that I’m about to eat too much, sleep too much, play too much, smoke too much, and smile too much.

And, I implore you fellow degenerates to join me in my revelry here in the Open Bar!

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Monday Morning Commute: The Least Prestigious Blog

monday morning commute people care what i think

Welcome, to another installment in Monday Morning Commute. It’s a barely-fair-to-even-call-it-regular-let-alone-weekly column here on the Space-Ship Omega. Within it I, a purveyor of poor taste and poorer morals, share what I’m up to during a given week. You know, what I’m enjoying. What I’m looking forward to at the end of the week, utilizing said anticipation as a rip-cord to pull me through the doldrums of the M-F Grind.

I’m sorry I’ve been in absentia. I’ve just been fucking busy, man. However I’m here now! And this is what I’m fucking digging this week! And this is what I expect from you: to join me in the comments section.

Let’s go!

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‘Far Cry 5’ has been delayed a month, now dropping March 27, 2018

far cry 5 delayed

Far Cry 5 got that DelaySickness, dudes. Now dropping March 27, 2018. Half of me is pretty fucking cheesed that I’m going to have to wait an entire extra month to hunt an Alt-Right herb militia. The other half of me is pleased that Ubisoft is letting the team take their time on the title.

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‘Far Cry 5’ Trailer: Guns, Cults and Planes in Montana, coming on February 27, 2018

Official trailer for Far Cry 5 is here folks, and *I* am *stoked* to the brim. I love the series, I love the idea of taking on religious militias in the United States, and I love being chased by bears. A…a perfect union.

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‘Far Cry 5’ reveal coming May 26, Ubisoft drops this image of the “Last Supper”

far cry 5 reveal may 26

Ubisoft has dropped some new Far Cry 5 artwork, and announced when the game shall be revealed in earnest, in a tweet. I cannot fucking wait.

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‘Far Cry 5’ Teaser Trailer: Welcome To Hope County, Montana

I’m so fucking ready for some more Far Cry. So yeah, breh, you can imagine my geek glands fully torqued over here for this Far Cry 5 teaser trailer.

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Ubisoft dropping ‘Far Cry 5’, new ‘Assassin’s Creed’, and more in the next year

ubisoft far cry 5 assassin's creed the crew south park

I am *so* fucking ready for the next Far Cry, friends. And we are going to be getting one in the next (fiscal) year.

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