Weekend Open Bar: Sit Next To Me

weekend open bar sit next to me

Hell yes, it’s Weekend Open Bar.

What’s up, fellow denizens of the Space-Ship Omega? Me? This guy? I’m celebrating the cessation of the semester! Or, at least, the last full week. Not only that, but it’s the motherfucking weekend! With that in mind, I must cop to you that I’m about to eat too much, sleep too much, play too much, smoke too much, and smile too much.

And, I implore you fellow degenerates to join me in my revelry here in the Open Bar!

It’s the weekly gathering of like-minded folks who hang out across a given weekend! Come, come, sit next to me. Pull up a chair, and shoot the shit!

Tell me! What are you watching this weekend? What are you playing this weekend?

Is there a new fetishistic subculture you’re deep-diving into?

A particular sort of bunker you’re spending your free time building for the upcoming apocalypse? Wall-to-wall LCD screens? A full-sized bathroom with an industrial strength bidet?

I want to know! I want to hang! Let’s burn some time together.

Hell yes, it’s Weekend Open Bar.