DC Announces “Rebirth” line; returning “Legacy” to Universe, original numbering to certain titles


DC has revealed their “Rebirth” line dropping this year. It’s a bit interesting. The company is looking to return the “legacy” to their universe by acknowledging past events, returning Action and Detective to their original numbering, and introducing some twice-monthly titles.

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Good Guy DC Comics institutes new CREATOR PAYMENT PLAN. Factors in digital sales!


I have no idea if DC Comics is a good guy. I’m going to assume they’re actually not, but why let beliefs get in the way of headlines? Or maybe I’m wrong. I’m just some Communist Asshole waging a war against THE MAN on my MacBook. #Fraudlent Anyways. What I do know is that the company has instituted a new payment plan that reflects digital sales, which is pretty fucking gnar. Gnarltacular. That sort of horse shit.

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FROWN: DC’S DAN DIDIO says Heroes Shouldn’t Have Happy Lives.

Dan DiDio.

Blegh. If Dan DiDio wasn’t already coming off poorly due to the whole Batwoman fiasco last week, now he’s pretty much nailed it. You see, according to DiDio, heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. None of them.

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‘HELLBLAZER’ is cancelled, to be integrated into New 52. F**k everything.

Hellblazer has been cancelled. Don’t worry, folks! It’s going to be stripped of its edge, declawed, and integrated into the DCU proper. This is so, so, so fucking dumb. No, hey. It’s cool. Dan DiDio is supremely proud of the title. This is why he has axed it, and is going to neuter the fantastic John Constantine. As an aside, if you haven’t read Garth Ennis’ ridiculous delicious run on the title, use this bad news to motivate you.

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NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON appearing in issue of ‘ACTION COMICS’ to unveil Krypton’s location. Rock.

This won’t get me to buy Action Comics, but it is certainly fucking awesome. I’m loving the hell out of how ubiquitous Neil is becoming in our pop culture. All Neil everything! Into infinity! Just when you were pondering where he would appear next, dude is dropping knowledge bombs on Clark’s silly ass within the world of the Super-Men.

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George Perez Couldn’t Stand Working On New 52 ‘SUPERMAN’

It should be pretty obvious that I enjoy any and all of these nightmare stories vomiting up out of the anus of DC. Here’s George Perez detailing what a slug to the hog it was to pen Superman in the New 52.

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Jim Lee On The Timing Of DC Comics’ “Announcement” Of A Prominent Gay Character

The announcement by DC that they were going to reintroduce a prominent character into the New 52 as gay just sort, you know, happened. It occurred at Kapow as opposed to some horns-accompanied press release or the such. Jim Lee delves a bit into the timing of it all.

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DC’s New Gay Character Will Be ‘Major’, ‘Iconic’, ‘Male’, And More Descriptives!

Cyeah! DC has to be loving the tidal that is sloshing around their ankles over their announcement of a prominent character of theirs being gay in the New 52. Here’s some more information regarding the character, who hasn’t been introduced  into the New 52. Yet.

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DC Reintroducing Prominent Character As Gay; Dick Grayson Please.

DC is reversing the claim they made last year where they stated that they would not reintroduce an established prominent character as gay, instead wanting to focus on organically introducing homosexual characters into their universe. What a difference a year makes, no?

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‘BEFORE WATCHMEN’ Is A ‘Love Letter’ To The Original, Dan DiDio Says. Written By Empty, Parasitic Stalkers.

Dan DiDio is taking to The Guardian to defend Before Watchmen, calling it s love letter to Alan Moore’s creation. What DiDio doesn’t mention is that sometimes love letters are epistles scribbled in feces and blood, rambling incoherently. Rambling to such a degree because those penning the shit-blood missive are empty souls, without an ability to define their existence without the object of their love.

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