Brandon Graham’s EMERALD CITY COMICON ART depicts creator-owned characters as attendees


Brandon Graham’s latest effort of inspired rockitude comes courtesy of the Emerald City Comicon. Graham has provided art for the convention which depicts a veritable fuckload of creator-owned characters just hanging out. Attending the convention. It’s a wonderful way to a) hype the con, b) pay tribute to the gnarly cavalcade of creator-owned characters out there, and c) give me a boner.

Hit the jump for the full artwork and details!

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GREG RUCKA has reached end of “WORK FOR HIRE ROPE”, joins the amassing legions.

Talented as sin Greg Rucka is yet another comic creator no longer wanting to do the work for hire song and dance. They’re dropping like lies, tough I’d be remiss to not also comment on the pantheon of fresh and wonderful blood the Two Beasts have stoked up on lately. To siphon dry.

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Brian K. Vaughan raps on the potential money in creator-owned comics.

Brian K. Vaughan has recently been getting his proselytizing on. The co-creator of the goddamn glorious Saga has opened up about the potential money to be made in creator-owned comics. Certainly he speaks from a perch of rampant success and fame, but he raises some good points. I’m personally glad the dude  and Staples are crushing it over at Image, and I silently pray Saga gets optioned for a flick just so Staples and him can get the riches they deserve.

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GRANT MORRISON Leaving ‘ACTION COMICS’, BATMAN INC’, superhero comics in general in 2013.

Grant Morrison seems to be setting himself up for stepping out of the superhero game for a while. The good Scottish Alien Lad has announced that come 2013, he’s finishing up his work on ActionThe Bat-Man Incorporation, and leaving the capes for the time being.

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DC RIPS OFF Image’s Creator-Centric Ad Campaign For Comic-Con

As I’ve said ad nauseam lately, Image has been firing on all cylinders. One of the reasons for their righteous domination is their focus on the fucking creators. DC seems to have taken notice of Image and its bustling stable of marketable creators,  ninjaing the idea of marketing the creators themselves. Shit, even the aesthetic is redolent of the Image campaign.

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Ed Brubaker Focusing On His Creator-Owned Books After ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ Run Ends.

The exodus continues! Eddie Brubaker is making it known that once his run on Captain America ends he’s going to focus on creator-owned jams. I couldn’t like this more.

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Paolo Rivera Leaving ‘DAREDEVIL’ To Work On Creator-Owned Sci-Fi Comic And More. This Rules.

Paolo Rivera is a Hell of an artist, and one who I don’t enjoy as much as I should because I haven’t gotten too into Daredevil. Today Rivera announced that he was dropping out of that title to focus on creator-owned projects, one of which is a science-fiction jam. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me.

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Image Published Eric Stephenson: Independent Comics As Movie Pitches Ain’t Bad.

Eric Stephenson isn’t just Image Comics’ publisher, he’s also an opinionated dude with an interesting vision of the evolving market. The good sir has recently taken to his blog to expound on the virtues of independent comics as movie pitches.

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