‘Tenet’ Trailer: Nolan’s next flick involves time-travelling spies. I’m fucking in!

tenet trailer nolan time travel

It’s here! Finally! The trailer for Nolan’s next movie, Tenet. It had been dropped in theaters this summer, but now the Powers That Market have finally seen fit to usher it onto the internet.

After the jump because it’s a fucking Twitter video.

As well, let me know what you think!

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Christopher Nolan’s next movie is officially titled ‘Tenet’ and is an action-espionage thriller. Fuck yes!

christopher nolan tenet

Christopher Nolan’s next movie is officially titled Tenet, and it’s an action-espionage thriller. Okay, so if dude isn’t going to do Bond, this is a entirely worthy alternative.

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‘Dunkirk’ Trailer: Survival Is Victory In Nolan’s World War II Movie

The first full trailer for Nolan’s Dunkirk is here, folks. And it’s everything you’d expect from a trailer for a Nolan flick. Gorgeous cinematography. Cillian Murphy. Rousing music. I’m ready.

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‘Dunkirk’ Poster: Nolan’s ‘World War’ II Film Surveys The Destruction

christopher nolan dunkirk poster

Want a couple of posters for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk? Of course you do, dummy.

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‘Dunkirk’ Teaser Trailer: Nolan takes on a Classic World War II Battle

Don’t know what to make of Christopher Nolan’s trajectory. Dark Knight Rises was…good (?). I found Interstellar insufferable, but gorgeous. This trailer? Proves that if nothing else, Dunkirk will be as gorgeous as the latter. Really, as gorgeous as most of Nolan’s movies. All of his movies?

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Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ gets Plot Synopsis and Set Photos

Christopher Nolan.

Want the plot synopsis for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk? Here we go! Want set photos? Here we go!

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Rumor: Christopher Nolan producing ‘Akira’ trilogy


Christopher Nolan is going to be producing an Akira trilogy. Maybe! And this is great news for an Akira adaptation! Until you remember that Christopher Nolan produced Man of Steel.

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Christopher Nolan has finished the script for his next movie


I fucking hated Interstellar. To the point where I wonder if Christopher Nolan has peaked. And yet! I can’t help but get excited when I hear he’s finished the script for his next project.

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Gnarl Rumor: WB wants Christopher Nolan for ‘Ready Player One’

Christopher Nolan.

Ready Player One really isn’t that good of a book. (Though it’s enjoyable. Am I equivocating here? I guess.) However, it is a really enjoyable pastiche that pays homage to about 3,000 of my loves. So while I wasn’t blown away by the title, the content and the concept would certainly be awesome to see on the big screen. And Christopher Nolan directing it? Fuck yes. But I think this is more wishful thinking on WB’s part than anything else.

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‘Interstellar’ Final Trailer: Mankind’s Next Step Looks Gorgeous


Final trailer for Interstellar. Am I watchin’ it? I SHALL REFRAIN. Should you watch it? It’s your life, mang. I’m sure it’s glorious. But I’m going Dark when it comes to this flick hereon up to the release.

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