Rumor: Christopher Nolan producing ‘Akira’ trilogy


Christopher Nolan is going to be producing an Akira trilogy. Maybe! And this is great news for an Akira adaptation! Until you remember that Christopher Nolan produced Man of Steel.

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Christopher Nolan has finished the script for his next movie


I fucking hated Interstellar. To the point where I wonder if Christopher Nolan has peaked. And yet! I can’t help but get excited when I hear he’s finished the script for his next project.

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Gnarl Rumor: WB wants Christopher Nolan for ‘Ready Player One’

Christopher Nolan.

Ready Player One really isn’t that good of a book. (Though it’s enjoyable. Am I equivocating here? I guess.) However, it is a really enjoyable pastiche that pays homage to about 3,000 of my loves. So while I wasn’t blown away by the title, the content and the concept would certainly be awesome to see on the big screen. And Christopher Nolan directing it? Fuck yes. But I think this is more wishful thinking on WB’s part than anything else.

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‘Interstellar’ Final Trailer: Mankind’s Next Step Looks Gorgeous


Final trailer for Interstellar. Am I watchin’ it? I SHALL REFRAIN. Should you watch it? It’s your life, mang. I’m sure it’s glorious. But I’m going Dark when it comes to this flick hereon up to the release.

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New ‘Interstellar’ poster dares us to go beyond

Dare bro dare.

It’s the dregs of the movie circuit right now. Ain’t much coming out, ain’t much catching my eye. So I’m glomming onto anything that portents of better times ahead this year. Like a new poster for Interstellar.

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‘Interstellar’ IMAX TV Spot: 2014 goes 2001


Summer is over. My system has ingested about as much Guardians of the Galaxy as it can handle (and then some, five viewings!). This means that it is time for me to begin gazing into the Fall and Winter release schedule. A schedule that holds a movie particularly kind to my crotch: Interstellar. Here’s a new TV IMAX spot.

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‘Interstellar’ Trailer: Couldn’t You Have Told Her?

Goddamn yes.

Oh man. I have it on good authority (Christopher Nolan+The First Two Trailers) that this movie is going to break me. In all the best ways possible.

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Here’s a poster for Nolan’s ‘INTERSTELLAR’, plus trailer news


I have no fucking idea what to make of Interstellar. The original teaser gave nothing, purported plot leaks have something to do with a fucking corn crisis, and it stars my hero Rustin Cohle. So I’m excited, confused, moderately aroused. Business as usual. Here’s the first poster for the flick though, and some information about the upcoming trailer.

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Nolan’s ‘INTERSTELLAR’ Teaser Trailer: Dare to Dream Again


There is very little in the way of footage in the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Instead we have Matthew McConaughey with a table-setting monologue about humanity’s loss of dreaming. Though I find this to be a pretty insular view, and would be more fairly applied to the governments of the world (who used the space race far more as  cold war maneuvering than genuine desire to explore) than us individuals who populate the Blue Marble. Whatever. Look at me. Blah, blah, blah.

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“NO DUH” DEPARTMENT: Christian Bale says he AIN’T playing Batman in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ flick.


Can you believe this shit? I mean — I’m shocked. Christian Bale says he isn’t playing Batman in the Justice League flick. But, I mean…the press surrounding TDKR where Nolan and Bale both repeatedly confirmed they were done with Batman…sort of left me thinking they may (totally not be) back.

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