China makes humankind history by landing on the FAR SIDE OF THE MOON, baby!

china moon far side

If nothing else, 2019 seems to be fixing up to be a dope-ass year for space exploration. Yesterday, NASA dropped pictures from Ultima Thule, the farthest object ever explored by a spaceraft. As well, China has announced they’ve landed on the far side of the Moon.

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China has turned on the World’s Largest Alien-Hunting Telescope

china alien hunting telescope

Put the rest of Earth’s Alien hunters on notice, folks. China has turned on its alien-hunting telescope, and it is the world’s largest.

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Watch: CHINA lands on the f**king MOON.

Yutu rover.

As I’ve intimated in other places – I don’t care what nation of humanity explores space, or for what reasons. I’m lumping us all together and considering it a win for us barely not-primates. This weekend China landed on the fucking moon. So I’m high-fiving for all of us.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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China’s URINE-BOILED EGGS Push My Multicultural Understanding

I think I’m a pretty open-minded dude. Peace, love, and respect of one another’s cultures, man. Or at least I thought I was. ‘Cause now I’m staring at a batch of a Chinese delicacy and wondering just what the fuck in tarnation is going on here. Urine-boiled eggs, also referred to as  Virgin Boy Eggs. Wut.

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China Is Sending Astronaut To The Moon. America? We Got Awesome Reality TV!

Now listen. I’m not totally bitter about the United States’ fucking shitty space program. But I’m totally bitter about the United States’ shitty space program. They can afford zillion dollar embassies in sandy places across the Earth, but they can’t send people to the Moon anymore. China? China can.

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China Has ‘Diablo V’ Already? What Fresh Hell Is This!

Fucking China. First they’re getting dope speech balloon-shaped comic book museums, now they’ve got Diablo V  and its expansion pack  while we’re all waiting for the third. Jealousy.

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China Wants To Build Comic Museum Shaped Like Speech Bubbles.For $126 Million.

China’s got it good. They own like 95% of America (rough estimate), and they’re going to use their cheddar to do dope stuff. Like build a museum to comics  that is shaped like a comic book speech bubble and expensive as fuck. Ah, to dream.

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China Now Offers ‘Online Property’ Insurance. The Future Rules.

More proof that we are merely living in the shadow of China and its ingenious ways these days. They’ve rolled out virtual property insurance. Protect them polygons! Fuck, you’ve spent more time harvesting ore or some shit in EVE Online than you have with your family, and you certainly love it more.

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