China Wants To Build Comic Museum Shaped Like Speech Bubbles.For $126 Million.

China’s got it good. They own like 95% of America (rough estimate), and they’re going to use their cheddar to do dope stuff. Like build a museum to comics  that is shaped like a comic book speech bubble and expensive as fuck. Ah, to dream.


Danish design firm MVRDV recently won a competition to build the China Comic and Animation Museum in the city of Hangzhou. The firm shaped this trippy building like a collection of intermingling speech bubbles. The designers estimate that this project will cost €92 million (approximately $125.6 million), begin construction in 2012, and  will attract visitors  with its “gigantic 3D zoetrope.” Should it ever be completed, I imagine visiting this museum will be an experience on par with freebasing a copy of  Detective Comics  #27.