China Now Offers ‘Online Property’ Insurance. The Future Rules.

More proof that we are merely living in the shadow of China and its ingenious ways these days. They’ve rolled out virtual property insurance. Protect them polygons! Fuck, you’ve spent more time harvesting ore or some shit in EVE Online than you have with your family, and you certainly love it more.


Live in China? Own property?  Virtual property? Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation might have you covered.

Working with online game operator Gamebar, the insurance company is issuing virtual property insurance to protect players from theft or loss of “virtual property” such as “land” or “currency”, reported  China Daily.

According to Sunshine, the insurance will also protect game operators, who purchase the insurance to compensate customers from damages. This is apparently the first virtual property insurance in China–if not the world.

This is exactly the future I hoped for.