Press Start!: That One About Snatch(er) and Leaking.

Press Start! Weekly Top 5 list chronicling the happenings in gaming in the past seven days.

The abridged week always leads to a certain funk that bookmarks both sides of it. You begin checking out prior to the Holiday, and the days that follow are (for most of us, I’d wager) a haze of recuperation, lament at the end of the Holiday, and an attempt to gain your footing again.

As such, the world of gaming news is either unremarkable, or I frankly didn’t give much of a shit. Too busy trying to burn off the impressive caloric excess while simultaneously polish off the remainder of flesh and sweets that populated my house.

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China Now Offers ‘Online Property’ Insurance. The Future Rules.

More proof that we are merely living in the shadow of China and its ingenious ways these days. They’ve rolled out virtual property insurance. Protect them polygons! Fuck, you’ve spent more time harvesting ore or some shit in EVE Online than you have with your family, and you certainly love it more.

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