‘Castlevania’ Season 2 Trailer: They Don’t Deserve The Earth

The wait, the fucking wait, for Castlevania‘s second season is slowly coming to an end. And if this trailer is any fucking indication, it’s going to be worth the wait.

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Netflix reveals ‘Castlevania’ season 2 ain’t dropping until October. The wait to mirk Dracula lengthens

castlevania season 2 october

Man! Not only was the first season of Castlevania short as fuck, but the wait for the second season is equally as long.

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Netflix confirms ‘Castlevania’ Season 2 is dropping this summer

netflix castlevania summer 2018

I say, goddamn. The wait for Castlevania‘s second season has been interminable. Not only because the first season was so dope, but also because we were only afforded a paltry fucking first offering. However, at the very least, we now know when the wait will end.

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Netflix has already greenlit ‘Castlevania’ Season 2 which is good ’cause damn is Season 1 short

netflix castlevania season 2

Fuck! Netflix’s Castlevania is a great, goddamn nihilistic morsel. But, man. It’s a morsel! More a prologue than anything. So I’m pretty fucking glad it’s getting a second season, so, you know. We can find out what the fuck happens.

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Weekend Open Bar: The Light At The Start Of The Tunnel

weekend open bar the light at the start of the tunnel

It’s the Weekend Open Bar and goddamn am I happy to be spending it with you.

Long weeks seem to be relative, you know? Like cock size, intelligence, and the amount of pseudo-beef in our CancerBurgers™. So, despite the fact that I had Tuesday off (America, baby!) and today off (teaching schedule, baby!), I’m still heartened it’s the Weekend. I think most of my brain-gut-tumult this week was the result of Sam starting her new job. She was segueing from the former one, and acclimating herself to the new one.

A pervasive talent of anxiety is the ability to just straight fuckin’ OpticBlast that shit all over myriad elements of one’s own life. Money stressors? OpticBlast! Papers to grade? OpticBlast! Wife starting a new job? OpticBlast!

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ anime coming courtesy of ‘Castlevania’ producer Adi Shankar

'Assassin's Creed' anime coming courtesy of 'Castlevania' producer Adi Shankar

Assassin’s Creed is getting an anime. Now, now! Before you bark and gnash, bark and gnash. Let me tell you. It’s being produced by the same man who had a hand in Netflix’s Castlevania series, as well as cult favorite Dredd.

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Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ promo poster pays gorgeous homage

netflix castlevania promo poster

Netflix has dropped a gorgeous promo poster for its upcoming Castlevania series (this is how it’s done, Marvel). Not only is it gorgeous, though, but the motherfucker pays some serious homage.

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‘Castlevania’ Teaser Trailer: Netflix animates the Man Who Killed Dracula

Jesus Christ, yes. Warren Ellis is writing this shit, in tandem with minds behind Adventure Time. If this doesn’t get your juices going, I don’t know. Check your glands, they’re fucked.

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‘Castlevania’ Spiritual Successor ‘Bloodstained’ Coming To Nintendo Switch

castlevania spiritual successor bloodstained nintendo switch

Koji Igarashi, the mind behind Castlevania, is bringing his crowd-backed spiritual successor to the Switch! This development comes on the heels of the announce that the Wii U version has been canned.

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Netflix ‘Castlevania’ Series Teased With Poster Of Dracula’s Castle

netflix castlevania poster

Netflix’s Castlevania series already feels more concrete than anticipated. Love it.

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