Weekend Open Bar: The Light At The Start Of The Tunnel

weekend open bar the light at the start of the tunnel

It’s the Weekend Open Bar and goddamn am I happy to be spending it with you.

Long weeks seem to be relative, you know? Like cock size, intelligence, and the amount of pseudo-beef in our CancerBurgers™. So, despite the fact that I had Tuesday off (America, baby!) and today off (teaching schedule, baby!), I’m still heartened it’s the Weekend. I think most of my brain-gut-tumult this week was the result of Sam starting her new job. She was segueing from the former one, and acclimating herself to the new one.

A pervasive talent of anxiety is the ability to just straight fuckin’ OpticBlast that shit all over myriad elements of one’s own life. Money stressors? OpticBlast! Papers to grade? OpticBlast! Wife starting a new job? OpticBlast!

Let’s be clear: my life really isn’t that difficult, relatively speaking.

Let’s be clear: my life is really good, relatively speaking.

But you know what they say (or, at least my psychiatrist says, and while modern psychology seems a pseudo-science at best, her and her fancy degrees at least buy some cultural capital, especially when what she’s saying makes sense to me) — when you’re privy to rocking a mental illness, the small things feel big. The big things feel crushing. And both of those make me feel like I should eat my body weight in cheese-based products, jack off compulsively, and hide from my friends.

I, I think she actually only says the first thing. The others are just metacognitive recognitions from behind a keyboard while wearing a semen-stained Star Wars shirt, seven Diet Dews deep into my day (already).

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I got the DewVapours. And the VapourVapours, I guess?

Oh! Yeah! Weekend. Open. Fucking Bar. Space-Ship Omega’s weekly hangout. Where I encourage any and all to stop-by. Share what they’re reading. What they’re eating. What they’re listening to-masturbating-to-aspiring-to. Any and every topic is encouraged, so long as it’s done with a non-douche, anti-cockhead attitude.

What are you folks up to this week?