Netflix has already greenlit ‘Castlevania’ Season 2 which is good ’cause damn is Season 1 short

netflix castlevania season 2

Fuck! Netflix’s Castlevania is a great, goddamn nihilistic morsel. But, man. It’s a morsel! More a prologue than anything. So I’m pretty fucking glad it’s getting a second season, so, you know. We can find out what the fuck happens.


Although Netflix has been cancelling more original series as of late, it doesn’t look like its adaptation of the popular Castlevania video game series will meet that fate any time soon. In an interview with Cinema Runner, executive producer and showrunner Adi Shankar revealed that the streaming service has already greenlit a second season, this time with eight episodes instead of four.

The news came in Shankar’s response to a question about whether or not there was anything from the games that they couldn’t figure out a way to work into the show. “Well, let’s remember that this is just season one,” he said. “And not only has season two already been greenlit, but the episode order has been doubled to eight episodes. So the chapter definitely hasn’t fully closed on this story.”