‘Hannibal’ creator Bryan Fuller directing new adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Christine’ and good luck buddy

hannibal creator bryan fuller christine

Everyone loves Bryan Fuller, and I don’t doubt that he’s awesome. But he’s stepping into the shoes of the GOAT John Carpenter with this next project. Dude is directing a new adaptation of Christine, and as I said. Good luck, buddy. Here’s legitimately hoping it’s awesome.

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Bryan Fuller Steps Down as ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Showrunner

star trek discovery bryan fuller

I don’t know much about Bryan Fuller, other than he’s responsible for some critically acclaimed shows. I don’t know much about him stepping down as showrunner of Star Trek Discovery, but it strikes me as not-good development.

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ lead character will be named “Number One”, says Bryan Fuller

Star Trek Discovery

I guess this is a reference to some Star Trek joke. But I’m trash, and I haven’t watched much of the series. Trash!, trash I say.

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ set 10 years before original series, features female lead

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery news! Bryan Fuller dropped a good amount of it yesterday, including revelations as follows: set ten years before the original series, there is a female lead, and the show will feature an openly gay character.

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ is official name of new Trek show; check the teaser!

‘American Gods’ Trailer: Something feels weird

New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Trailer: A New Adventure Awaits

New ‘Star Trek’ series is airing weekly in 2017 on CBS’ streaming service

star trek

Great. Just what we need. Another streaming service. CBS got their own, and they’re bringing Star Trek back on it. I feel like we’ve known this for a bit, but I suppose this is confirmation.

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‘American Gods’ TV adaptation casts Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday


I really enjoyed American Gods. But for the life of me, I cannot recall the character of Mr. Wednesday. Probably because I’ve only read the novel once, and that was a decade ago. Eons have passed. Brain cells have withered, popping out one by one by one under constant attack from caffeine and ennui. That said, I’m sure this is good news. How? I just am.

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Bryan Fuller (‘DS9’, ‘Hannibal’) is producing new ‘Star Trek’ TV show

Star Trek Enterprise

People love Bryan Fuller. I don’t really know him well, but I trust people. So I guess it’s excellent news that he is producing the new Star Trek TV series.

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