Paul Pope’s ‘Battling Boy’ movie adaptation lands ‘Feast’ director


Paul Pope’s Battling Boy is pretty neat. All like, seventeen pages or whatever of the first half that have dropped. Still waiting, Paul! Still waiting for the second half. But anyways. If we’re not getting news about the GCN component of Battling Boy, at least we are learning about the movie.

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BTFC Presents: The Best Comics of 2013

Battling Boy.

So 2013 is in the rearview, but what a year for comics, am I right?  While Marvel had an impressive and diverse publishing initiative in Marvel NOW, DC alienated fans across the board with bland updates to their characters (save for Batman & Wonder Woman, maybe) and business practices that would seem right at home in the mid 20th century.  Meanwhile, Image released a flood of new titles that only continued to improve their brand as the go-to company for independent, creator-owned fare.  Paul Pope dropped his long awaited Battle Boy, comic legend Gilbert Hernandez dropped five new books, and we got another issue of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve.  We even got some “Event” books that weren’t half-bad.  Hit the jump and check out what we here on Spaceship Omega thought was the 13 Best Comics of 2013, and make sure to agree/disagree with our rankings in the comments section!

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Woo! Look at Killer Mike fucking have at it! From a super-froggy-fresh live performance of “Run the Jewels.” Killer Mike? That’s how I’m feeling on this final day of the long weekend. Nothing like sleeping in late three days in a row to revive the synapses, restore the soul, and pack on an easy five pounds or so. This is Monday Morning Commute, the column where I share the esoteric entities (not really) in my existence that are helping me get through a given week. I spread them all around the ground, pointing at them while shouting “Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, Delicious!” This serves to let you know I love them. After that, you share your dilly dallyings in the comments.

Let’s groove, folks.

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Aurora West.

I haven’t read Battling Boy yet. It’s just sitting on my counter. Daring me to love it. Hopefully this long weekend. Even so, I can’t help but be excited about a prequel starring one of its characters.

Hit the jump for more info and a full promo.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (10.09.13) – Battling Boy Edition

Battling Boy. 

You know the drill, peeps!  Hit the jump and lets get down to the nittiest of the gritties: Pull Lists.  I show you mine, you show me yours, we giggle and point like schoolchildren, we compare and contrast, and I do my damndest to hip you to the comics you SHOULD be buying this week.  Get clicky with it, because this week brings us some delicious books.  See you inside.

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I’d be lying if I said the first thing I wanted to do after being gone from home for fourteen hours was pen a column for you swine. But the Space-Ship demands its supplication. I must adhere to the scriptures. Lest the ones in the belly of the Ship awaken. Claw their way to the cockpit. Eat our souls, our mothers’ hearts, the organs of our unborn Space-Babies. We don’t want that, right? What’s a little fatigue-drunk groveling in the form of a column, if it saves the Omega-Ship? It’s nothing! Nothing god dammit!

—Oh, you don’t know what I’m rambling about? This is Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the various things we’re anticipating, currently enjoying, or day-dreaming about on a given week. It serves as a meeting place, a virtual comic shop floor, the bathroom at a rock concert. It also keeps the Dark Lords from awakening. Fair trade.

Share your shit! What are you digging this week? (Oh, and if the comments aren’t working please clear your Chrome plug-in data.)

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Battling Boy.

Ohhhhh, shit. Paul Pope’s Battling Boy is really real. Not convinced? Feel like you’ve been waiting forever? Further proof of its actual existence is this gorgeous trailer.

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Paul Pope’s ‘BATTLING BOY’ is scheduled for October. Wrd.

Battling Boy.

October! October. It appears that October of 2013 is going to serve as the calendar month where all of the mythical projects we have been anticipating for a long minute will finally arrive. We’re not just getting Gravity, folks.In addition, Paul Pope will be gracing us with Battling Boy. I can only imagine how giddy this makes Rendar. I’m sort of excited, too. No, really! Look at my sweatpants. They’re dancing.

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The Father of Battling Boy!

Source: Pulphope

Battling Boy’s First 100

Battling Boy's first 100 pages.

Pulphope, holding in his hand the first one hundred pages of Battling Boy. I’ve been waiting for this book for a couple of years now, so to see such a tease pop up on his Flickr got me all sorts of hot’n’bothered.

The general premise of Battling Boy: the son of some sort of god/superhero has to come down from the mythical mountain to beat monster butt. Fairly simple story, with art to make the jaw-drop. The artist has hinted that this is going to be an unrestrained opus, with fight scenes taking up fifty pages at times.

Mr. Pope, feel free to bind those pages and send them to me via FedEx.