I’d be lying if I said the first thing I wanted to do after being gone from home for fourteen hours was pen a column for you swine. But the Space-Ship demands its supplication. I must adhere to the scriptures. Lest the ones in the belly of the Ship awaken. Claw their way to the cockpit. Eat our souls, our mothers’ hearts, the organs of our unborn Space-Babies. We don’t want that, right? What’s a little fatigue-drunk groveling in the form of a column, if it saves the Omega-Ship? It’s nothing! Nothing god dammit!

—Oh, you don’t know what I’m rambling about? This is Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the various things we’re anticipating, currently enjoying, or day-dreaming about on a given week. It serves as a meeting place, a virtual comic shop floor, the bathroom at a rock concert. It also keeps the Dark Lords from awakening. Fair trade.

Share your shit! What are you digging this week? (Oh, and if the comments aren’t working please clear your Chrome plug-in data.)




Saw Gravity this past Saturday.

My movie of the year so far. The Misses hasn’t seen it yet, so I anticipate a second viewing this weekend.



I opened Grand Theft Auto V. I did it.

There’s a good chance I will never finish this fucking game. But it seems lovely. Wish I had time.


Battling Boy.


Battling Boy arrives this week.

I imagine J-Hotsauce will go more in-depth about this much heralded release. All will say is I have a Battling Boner.


PlayStation 4.


The PlayStation 4 keeps getting closer and closer.

Launch day, bitch!



Been bumping that Hanna soundtrack.

The whole “Saoirse Ronan is going to be in Episode VII” hype train has me revisiting this gem and its soundtrack.


Final Fantasy VII.


Been riding that Final Fantasy VII nostalgia lately.

It’s the itch that never goes away. One-Winged Angel. Anxious Heart. A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea. Omnislash. Embedded in my heart. Refreshing tumblr tags for hours. Feels good, man.


That’s it for me. What about you folks?