Alfonso Cuaron’s next movie is a Mexican Family Drama filming this Fall

Alfonso Cuaron

I like Alfonso Cuaron a lot. I thought Gravity as okay, at best. Great spectacle. Forgettable in every other way. Wish I was stoned when I saw it. Thus, I’m pretty excited that the auteur has his eyes on his next movie. Nay, has it completely lined up, and ready to film this Fall.

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Hell yeah. Not only is Gravity the painfully birthed love child of one of my favorite directors, but it’s also currently my favorite movie of the year. So it’s nice as fuck to see the film getting recognized in the box office department.

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I’d be lying if I said the first thing I wanted to do after being gone from home for fourteen hours was pen a column for you swine. But the Space-Ship demands its supplication. I must adhere to the scriptures. Lest the ones in the belly of the Ship awaken. Claw their way to the cockpit. Eat our souls, our mothers’ hearts, the organs of our unborn Space-Babies. We don’t want that, right? What’s a little fatigue-drunk groveling in the form of a column, if it saves the Omega-Ship? It’s nothing! Nothing god dammit!

—Oh, you don’t know what I’m rambling about? This is Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the various things we’re anticipating, currently enjoying, or day-dreaming about on a given week. It serves as a meeting place, a virtual comic shop floor, the bathroom at a rock concert. It also keeps the Dark Lords from awakening. Fair trade.

Share your shit! What are you digging this week? (Oh, and if the comments aren’t working please clear your Chrome plug-in data.)

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Monday Morning Commute: Gravity has got a hold on us all


Welcome, friends. Welcome to Monday Morning Commute. The column where we announce (proudly?) the various things we’re going to enjoy across the next seven days. It’s an integral motion, you know. Enjoying things. Helps me personally get through ten hour work days. The calming influence that is having a movie-video-game-album-stroke-fest on the horizon.

Here are the subjects I shall be dabbling in.

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New ‘GRAVITY’ Trailer: Space Abandonment Is Gorgeous


Who knew that being thrown into Oblivion could be so gorgeous? A new trailer for Gravity has dropped, and with each passing morsel I become more ravenous for the whole fucking meal. Food metaphors! Yeah! It totally isn’t 7 o’clock at night. I’m totally not writing this on an empty stomach. A gut so full of nothingness, why it could be interpreted as a cynic’s view of the Cosmos. (What the fuck does that even mean?) Eh whatever hit the jump for the trailer and ignore me. The hungry guy.

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Snap! Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘GRAVITY’ has a release date. Srsly.

Alfonso Cuaron.

Could it be? Really? Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity has an actual release date? I refuse to believe it. I deny its existence. Yet, I am happier now that this lie has come into my life. Shinier.

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Alfonso Cuaron Demanded No Makeup For The Actors In ‘Gravity’. Realism…?

Gravity.  Alfonso Cuaron. I’ve heard those two muttered in the same sense for the past couple of years, and I have been patient! Patient, dammit. The movie is beginning to feel a bit real, and it is news stories like this that are driving that feeling home. Tenable news! About the shoot.

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Del Toro Says Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Gravity’ Is ‘Insane’. Nice.

I’ve been looking forward to  Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity  for a while now. Fuck, I’ve been looking forward to anything  Cuarón since Children of Men. So any time there’s news regarding the science-fiction project he’s working on, my ears perk up. They doubly perk when  Cuarón’s bestie  Guillermo Del Toro calls the project insane  and mind-blowing.

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