‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Trailer: Dropping April 2019 and I’m fucking HYPE

Let’s fucking go, dude. One Punch Man is one of my favorite anythings in the past few years. Thus, good god, fuck, I need the second season.

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‘FLCL’ Season 2 and Season 3 Trailer: It takes an idiot to do cool things!

FLCL is really returning, folks. Jesus Christ, an artifact a seriously bygone era is back in my life, and it’s a bit hard to accept. But, these trailers and actual release dates help.

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‘Blade Runner’ getting short anime from the fuckin’ Cowboy Bebop director. How goddamn great is this?

blade runner anime cowboy bebop director

Christ, how fucking dope of a confluence is this? Blade Runner is getting a short anime from none other than the director of Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe.

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‘Godzilla: Monster Planet’ Trailer: The Lizard King Rules Earth In This Anime

Man, I don’t know much about Godzilla. Like, pretty much nothing. But, I do know I’m digging this trailer.

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Final ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ movie gets poster teaser, makes as little sense as series

neon genesis evangelion 3.0

I’m pretty sure if I went back and watched NGE, I’d find it to be lacrymal, pretentious garbage. So, I’m just going to appreciate it from afar. What I’ve been actively engaging in, though, are the movie remakes, and I’ve largely found them to be a mixed bag. Whelp!, here’s a teaser poster for the final film. Will it be good? Who the fuck knows.

Hit the jump for more details, and a “translated poster”, which sort of looks bootleg as fuck.

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Studio Trigger announces three new projects, one described as “Kill la Kill x Gurren Lagann”

studio trigger promare three new projects

The studio behind Kill la Kill and all-time-fave of mine, Gurren Lagann, has announced three new projects. Most excitingly? The one that’s being described as a cross between the former and the latter.

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