‘Voltron’ Season 8 Trailer: The End Is Here, But I Don’t Want It To Be

Voltron has been, for my money, one of the most consistent and enjoyable shows going. Period. Full-stop. No qualifiers. Thus, I’m pretty fucking bummed that it’s ending. At the same time though, better to go out on top with a tight story, right?


The eighth and final season of DreamWorks’ acclaimed revival series Voltron: Legendary Defender is two weeks away from its premiere on Netflix and the animated series has released a new trailer teasing its conclusion.

With a fiery, action-packed trailer, the animated series cast is seen fighting the evil Galra Empire both on-foot and piloting their gigantic, robotic lions in a final battle for all of existence.

The popular series debuted in June 2016 and will run for 78 episodes after the completion of its eighth season. The series has been spun off into comic books, video games and various merchandising since its premiere.

After battling the Galra across the stars, the conflict came directly to Earth in the most recent season, with much of the planet laid to waste by the extraterrestrial invaders. With the fight more personal than ever, the Paladins of Voltron must not only protect the cosmos but liberate their home world from their enemies across the final thirteen episodes.

The eighth and final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender premieres on December 14 on Netflix and stars Bex Taylor-Klaus, Jeremy Shada, Tyler Labine, Steven Yeun, Kimberly Brooks, Rhys Darby and Josh Keaton.