‘Voltron’ Season 8 Trailer: The End Is Here, But I Don’t Want It To Be

Voltron has been, for my money, one of the most consistent and enjoyable shows going. Period. Full-stop. No qualifiers. Thus, I’m pretty fucking bummed that it’s ending. At the same time though, better to go out on top with a tight story, right?

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Sony planning animated ‘Spider-Verse’ spin-offs with ‘Voltron’ showrunners in charge. This is so damn good!

spider verse spin off spider gwen

Voltron is the absolute fucking bees knees, and its showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery rock. Now with the show wrapping-up, it appears the two of them are going to be moving on to very, very cool projects. This is so fucking good, folks.

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‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 4 Trailer: Razzle Dazzle Time!

Yeah, I know the trailer for the fourth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender dropped last week. But, I didn’t have a computer last, and OL is anything, it’s a compendium of shit I consider dope. Dope shit, if you will. So, I’m posting this fucking trailer, ’cause I’m goddamn pumped for the upcoming season.

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Weekend Open Bar: Electric Paradise

weekend open bar electric paradise

Clap your hands, say Weekend Open Bar!

Clap with me, rhythmically at first! Ignore, ignore your eyes rolling into the back of your head!

Clap your hands, say Weekend Open Bar!

Clap with me, now with a bit of horror, a pinch of fear! Ignore, ignore your mind being severed from your body!

For! My friends! To the Omniverse!

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‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 3 Trailer: The Hunters Have Become The Hunted!

Man, I’m like, surprisingly stoked for the third season of Voltron. I mean, I thought I enjoyed the first two, but my anticipation reveals an excitement I wasn’t fully aware of until now. Friday! Fucking Friday!

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Netflix Planning Six Seasons Of ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’

voltron legendary defender six seasons

Ah, yeah! Mother! Fucker! Apparently us, unwashed and undeserving swine, are getting six seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Maybe more.

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‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 2 Trailer: New Heroes, New Villains, More Voltron

Here’s a trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s second season. Which, quite frankly, cannot get here fucking soon enough.

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Weekend Open Bar: Arcade Summer

weekend open bar | arcade summer

Welcome, friends. To the Extended Weekend Open Bar! Carrying us through the Fourth of July. For those of you lucky enough to have a long weekend, salutations! For those of you unlucky enough to have to work either this Weekend, or the Fourth, salutations anyways! I imagine there’s going to be some seared-flesh breath being aspirated at the computer screens and black mirrors as you folks hopefully join the Bar. Contributing to the camaraderie on the Space-Ship omega whenever you take a break from doing your duty of celebrating God’s Finest Creation, America. By consuming animals, hops, and igniting conversations at cookouts and fire-based sky sparkles.

If you don’t know, the Weekend Open Bar is your virtual one-stop for shooting the shit during the weekend. As Head Czar of the Space-Ship, I encourage one and all to share what they’re up to. Share the animal-flesh you’re going to sear in supplication to George Washington. Share the movie you’re going to see, doing your American best to prop up our economy. Share what you’re reading at the beach. Whatever you’re doing, join in.

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‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Trailer: Forming A Legend

Here is our first taste of the new Netflix-powered Voltron.
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First Look: Netflix’s ‘Voltron’ Reboot


I missed Voltron. Just didn’t get into it. Not because I disliked it, just because it never came across my childhood’s ocular vision-plates for me to digest. But, I hope those of you who did watch the show back in the day enjoy this first look.

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