Weekend Open Bar: Electric Paradise

weekend open bar electric paradise

Clap your hands, say Weekend Open Bar!

Clap with me, rhythmically at first! Ignore, ignore your eyes rolling into the back of your head!

Clap your hands, say Weekend Open Bar!

Clap with me, now with a bit of horror, a pinch of fear! Ignore, ignore your mind being severed from your body!

For! My friends! To the Omniverse!

For! My friends! To the Supraphysical plane!

Let the clapping in supplication to the Other Ones take hold, as we shed time and space, as we shed our meat-puppets and our bone-cages, and spend some time together.

Clap your hands, say Weekend Open Bar!

Man, I’m going to level with you, I don’t know where the fuck I’m going with this. Other than to the Omniverse. Other than to the Supraphysical plane! But, I gotta type something, and so I let the caffeine dig deep into my brain-box and guide my fingers!

If you’re old, and you’re still here, you know how Weekend Open Bar goes. If you’re new, and you’re still here, Other Ones bless you. This right here is the weekly weekend gathering of the Space-Ship Omega garbage lords! We gather,¬†wearied minds but happied hearts, and shoot the shit across the weekend.

Spitting about what we’re doing, what we’re watching, what we’re contemplating. Anything! Everything! Goes! Here, upon the Omniversal plane, aboard the Space-Ship Omega.

So tell me, what are you up to this weekend?