New ‘Batman v Superman’ image hints at Darkseid’s presence


A new image from Batman v Superman seems to confirm that Darkseid will be making an appearance in the movie. How many characters can appear in the movie? All the characters can appear in the movie! It’s worth noting though, that the image seems to come during what has been acknowledged as a hallucination/dream sequence/thing of Batman’s. So! It appears it’s a portentous dream-hallucination-thing! Cause like, Darkseid is totally the Justice League movie’s BigBad, right?

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Official ‘Justice League’ promo art shows The Flash, Cyborg

‘Suicide Squad’ Poster: The Whole Motley Crew of Scum and Villainy

Warner Bros. drops official ‘Wonder Woman’ movie logo

Rumor: ‘Batman’ solo movie to co-star Will Smith’s Deadshot


Will Smith’s Deadshot is premiering next year in DC’s Suicide Squad, and it is looking like we may know where he will turn up next. In…Ben Affleck’s Batman flick? Admittedly, I don’t know Deadshot’s story very well. So maybe this makes sense in the grand scheme of the Bat-Mythos. But to an uneducated slob like me, it seems like “Let’s shove Character X into Character’s Y movie, because: star power!” Which, in the name of fairness, I will admit seems to be happening in the third Thor movie too.

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer #3: Superman is a Dick

Yeah. I don’t know. Zack Snyder really doesn’t fucking get Superman (or Batman, or Watchmen, or strong female characters). And despite Snyder always proving this, I’m always annoyed. Like, what the fuck is this clip? Whatever. Fuck.

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Voice actor Nolan North and Warner Bros. have a “big, big project” in the works


You know Nolan North. Even if you don’t know him by name, if you’re a gamer you’ve heard his voice. ‘Cause dude is Everywhere. Now North is saying that he has an enormous project in the works with Warner Bros. My guess? Blind guess? Maybe a Superman game? What do you think.

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Obvious Rumor: More Batman, Less Superman wanted in ‘Batman v Superman’ by Warner Bros.

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

Sad but true: no one gives a comparative fuck about Superman. Everyone goes goddamn crazy for the Lunatic Fascist Bat-Guy. Everyone. Myself not included. And so it makes sense that Warner Bros. wants more of the Ben Affleck-helmed Bat in Dawn of Justice. Some think this is a victory for Affleck, but I don’t. Goddamn corpse of George Carlin could be playing Batman in that movie, and everyone would want more.

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Six New ‘Batman v Superman’ Images: Wayne Is Too Old For This Crap, GlareGlare Time, and More!

glare glare glare

Not to be forgotten amid the deluge of Star Wars madness today, WB has dropped six new Dawn of Justice images.

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Chris Pine has reportedly finalized deal to be in ‘Wonder Woman’ and its sequels


Captain Kirk is going Amazonian! That’s..That’s all I got. ‘Cause I don’t know the character Pine has signed on to portray.

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