‘Suicide Squad’ Set Photos: The Joker and Harley cruisin’ in style

dig it~!!qwas

New set photos from Suicide Squad production! Man. I have to say. I really wish the Joker didn’t have the tats or the grill. ‘Cause I’m digging the rest of his look. How about you?

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ sequel has a title, ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’


Listen, this pretty much isn’t even news. But goddamn everybody with any shred of taste is losing their mind about Fury Road, so I’m going to continue being PUMPED about that movie by covering any shred of content related to.

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First Official Look: The ‘Suicide Squad’ in costume, courtesy of Ayers

‘Wonder Woman’ movie loses director Michelle MacLaren

Wonder Woman

It appears that the Wonder Woman movie is back on the market for a director.

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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller working on ‘Flash’ movie

Phil Lord. Chris Miller.

The fucking geniuses behind LEGO Movie and a litany of other projects are taking their talents to Flashville. And god dammit, I could not be happier with the news. The John Wick dudes, the Lord and Miller combo. Warner Bros. and DC are stocking up on talent.

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‘Breaking Bad’ director Michelle MacLaren developing and directing ‘Wonder Woman’


Well, shit! Here I was thinking that DC’s cinematic universe was cursed to be populated with intellectual effluent like Zack Snyder. But along comes Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman, giving me hope at least momentarily. Fuck yeah!

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Go figure: WB looking for female director for ‘Wonder Woman’ flick

Gal Godot

Go figure. Go nuts! Go bananas! Go whatever you want. Just celebrate this neat bit of news. It almost makes too much sense: a female director could be helming the female-led Wonder Woman movie.

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Warner Bros. announces Justice League, Wonder Woman, Flash movies & more

Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. revealed their slate of movies today, officially announcing like three-thousand DC flicks. Justice League Part 1: Wake Me Up When Snyder Ends, its sequel, Flash-Movie Guy (Not TV Guy Tho)Khal Drogo Goes Swimming and more.

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Warner Bros. is like “NO JOKES” in new DC comic book movies


If you believe the Echo Chamber, Warner Bros. has mandated that new DC comic book movies have no jokes. No jokes! This rumor-factoid-whatever has been going around the next for the past couple of days. At first it seemed too ludicrous to warrant reporting on, but the fucking thing has persisted. So yeah. Here we are.

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Microsoft all like, “Wanna buy Xbox Entertainment Studios”?

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Last month, Microsoft killed Xbox Entertainment Studios. This month, it seems like they’re trying to pawn the dead-not-dead original programming company off onto an sucker interested party. So far, that sucker interested party seems to be Warner Bros.

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