‘Breaking Bad’ director Michelle MacLaren developing and directing ‘Wonder Woman’


Well, shit! Here I was thinking that DC’s cinematic universe was cursed to be populated with intellectual effluent like Zack Snyder. But along comes Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman, giving me hope at least momentarily. Fuck yeah!

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Go figure: WB looking for female director for ‘Wonder Woman’ flick

Gal Godot

Go figure. Go nuts! Go bananas! Go whatever you want. Just celebrate this neat bit of news. It almost makes too much sense: a female director could be helming the female-led Wonder Woman movie.

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Warner Bros. announces Justice League, Wonder Woman, Flash movies & more

Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. revealed their slate of movies today, officially announcing like three-thousand DC flicks. Justice League Part 1: Wake Me Up When Snyder Ends, its sequel, Flash-Movie Guy (Not TV Guy Tho)Khal Drogo Goes Swimming and more.

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Warner Bros. is like “NO JOKES” in new DC comic book movies


If you believe the Echo Chamber, Warner Bros. has mandated that new DC comic book movies have no jokes. No jokes! This rumor-factoid-whatever has been going around the next for the past couple of days. At first it seemed too ludicrous to warrant reporting on, but the fucking thing has persisted. So yeah. Here we are.

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Microsoft all like, “Wanna buy Xbox Entertainment Studios”?

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Last month, Microsoft killed Xbox Entertainment Studios. This month, it seems like they’re trying to pawn the dead-not-dead original programming company off onto an sucker interested party. So far, that sucker interested party seems to be Warner Bros.

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All The Frowns: DC has dropped new official image of Ben Affleck as Batman


Here’s a new look at Batfleck, folks. For what it’s worth. And we are at a crossroads, too. Or rather, I am. And really, I don’t fucking matter, so who even gives a shit where I am? Anyways. I’ll indulge myself.

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Batfleck’s Cowl for ‘Batman v Superman’ revealed at SDCC


This is mad late to post. I know you’ve already seen it. Whatever, I’m a busy guy. So here it is anyways. Batfleck’s cowl. Let’s justify this bullshit posting. What do you think? Do you like it? Why? Why not? #DumbTeacherPrompts

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Oh fuck! Oh me! Oh my! Warner Brothers’s purported DC Comics Film schedule has leaked! (If you believe it, but I do.) To whatever jabroni leaked it, watch it. Bro Dude Dick Heads Goyer and Snyder are liable to send Superman after your ass. And as we’ve seen in Man of Steel, he’s angry as fuck and ready to snap necks.

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Amazon now feuding with Warner Bros, no more ‘LEGO MOVIE’ pre-orders

lego the movie

Man. Amazon’s already shitting on my lazy, entitled, complacent shitty life because of their beef with Hachette Books. I can’t fucking pre-order the new book in The Expanse! Fuck! Ya’ll forcing me to go to Barnes & Noble, and that’s some shit. But now they’re feuding with Warner Bros., and would-be buyers of LEGO Movie are paying the goddamn price.

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Warner Bros. ALL FIXIN’ to announce NEW SERIES of DC-BASED flicks soon.

everybody drink

This makes sense, right? I mean, Warner Bros. has to like eventually announce their first full slate of movies. Good knows when though, since “soon”,  could mean from next week all the way through SDCC.

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