Confirmed: Ben Affleck writing and directing solo ‘Batman’ movie

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

We all knew this was coming. Or hoping for, at least. Now it’s confirmed.

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Warner Bros. has set dates for Two Mystery DC Films for 2018 and 2019

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer #3: Superman is a Dick

Warner Bros. has set the dates for two as-of-yet-hyphen-unannounced-hyphen-DC films. If one of these fucking films isn’t a Solo BatFleck movie…well, I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked. Since, you know, comma, DC, comma, hasn’t done anything that has made sense to me yet.

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‘Batman v Superman’ International Trailer: *Even* *More* *Intensity*

J.K. Simmons cast as Commissioner Gordon in ‘Justice League’ movie

J.K. Simmons

Upon hearing news about J.K. Simmons being cast as Gordon in the JL movie, I realized something. There is literally nothing that can get me excited for this movie, save footage that temporarily dazzles me. I mean, I dig Simmons. I dig Gordon. But I ain’t hype.


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‘Batman v Superman’ TV Spot: Wayne is like, “Here I am, Breh”

‘Suicide Squad 2′ planned for 2017 with Ayer and Smith returning

Suicide Squad Poster

I’m pretty excited for Suicide Squad. The latest trailer hooked me, with an irreverence and playfulness that I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t realize I was silently wanting. That said, I enjoyed the Man of Steel trailer. So what the fuck do I know/what the fuck can you really gleam from a trailer? None the less, the film is getting a sequel. With the director and Fresh Prince returning.

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Rumor: Affleck rewrote parts of ‘Batman v Superman’ while *dressed* as Batman on set

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ TV Spot: “The Bat is dead. Buried.”

How is this for an absurd rumor & confirmation that the script for Batman v Superman is garbage (not that you probably needed any)? Apparently the Bat-Fleck would spend time on the Batman v Superman set, in his Bat-Suit, rewriting his dialogue and shit the day-of.

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‘Ready Player One’ casts Tye Sheridan as its main character, Wade Watts

look at this fucking choad

Some actor I’ve never heard of has been cast as the main character in one of the most overrated books I’ve read in years.



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New ‘Batman v Superman’ image hints at Darkseid’s presence


A new image from Batman v Superman seems to confirm that Darkseid will be making an appearance in the movie. How many characters can appear in the movie? All the characters can appear in the movie! It’s worth noting though, that the image seems to come during what has been acknowledged as a hallucination/dream sequence/thing of Batman’s. So! It appears it’s a portentous dream-hallucination-thing! Cause like, Darkseid is totally the Justice League movie’s BigBad, right?

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Official ‘Justice League’ promo art shows The Flash, Cyborg