NASA detects the conditions for life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

nasa conditions for life saturn moon enceladus

NASA is teasing some potentially enormous (ENORME!) findings on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Like, you know, the conditions for life.

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Space Swoon: Illustration of Cassini’s final dive before plunging into Saturn

cassini illustration final dive

Here’s an artist rendition of Cassini’s final dive. The beautiful spacecraft will make one more sweep between the planet and its rings before plummeting into Saturn itself this September.

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SpaceX makes history by launching and landing a used rocket

spacex launch and land used rocket

ELON MUSK. Please, sir. Please. Before you link all of our brains up to computers, can you please get some of us off this fucking rock? You’re doing good work, and this whole launching and landing a used rocket makes me feel like fuck it you may be on to something. ELON MUSK. Please, sir. Please.

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Space Swoon: Hubble Captures Two Galaxies Twisting Each Other Into Unusual Shapes

hubble two galaxies interacting

No big deal. Just two galaxies captured by Hubble. No big deal, just two galaxies captured by Hubble twisting each other into unusual and unique shapes. Space is fucking rad.

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SpaceX Planning To Send Two People Around The Moon Next Year

spacex trip around the moon

SpaceX has been approached by two obviously rich as fuck private citizens, who want to be sent around the Moon. And! The good, kind, cosmos-capitalist company has agreed, with plans slated for next year.

I’m jealous. Very jealous.

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NASA Has Discovered 7 Earth-sized Planets 40 Light-Years Away

nasa 7 earth-sized planets

NASA has dropped the boom on their teased discovery. Seven Earth-sized planets 40 light-years away. Three in the habitable “Goldilocks” zone. Everyone is understandably excited about this news, so let me be a downer. 40 light-years away is more than enough distance for us to never get there, especially since we got like 100 years left on this rotting formerly Blue Marble.


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NASA Announcing A “Discovery Beyond Our Solar System” Tomorrow

nasa announcing discovery beyond our solar system

News! Big news! Aliens, it’s gotta be aliens, right? Oh man! Exciting. Sort of. Until you realize we’re destroying ourselves at a fantastic rate, and even getting *out* of this solar system is nearly impossible for us. Man. Really brought down the vibe in here. But, but still, I’m excited.

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Space Swoon: Even Dione’s Craters Are Beautiful

cassini dione creusa

Cassini, doing what Cassini does. Taking beautiful pictures. Reporting back.

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Space Swoon: Hubble Spies The Andromeda Constellation’s Spiral

hubble andromeda constellation spiral

Hubble has captured the glorious spiral of the Andromeda constellation. Not to be confused with our neighboring Andromeda galaxy.

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The Moon Is Way Older Than Thought; Up To 140 Million Years Older

the moon older than thought

The uh, the Moon is way, way, way older than we thought. Hey! Fuck! Don’t blame me. I’m just a slob who posts banality and stares at asses all day long. Blame one of the SpaceWizards.

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