Most powerful space telescope ever will look into the “dark ages” of the universe. Careful, brother!

james webb telescope dark ages universe

We must be careful when we peer into dark ages of the universe with the most powerful space telescope ever. For when we do, that motherfucker will peer back. Seriously though, I’m fucking stoked for what the James Webb telescope is gonna discover.

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Study suggests Methane Plumes on Saturn’s moon Enceladus could be sign of alien life!

scientists life saturn moon

Are the methane plumes on Saturn’s moon Enceladus indicative of alien life? Maybe! And that’s enough to get my tits stiffening. Am I overreacting? Sure, maybe. Who knows. But. Listen, I’m fucking in on all potential signs of alien life. Microbes, methane plumes, whatever the fuck.

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Freshly Made Interstellar Plutonium Has Been Found in Pacific Ocean. Space Up In Our Shit!

interstellar plutonium ocean

Some motherfucking cataclysmic event happened in outer space, and that shit sent interstellar plutonium into the Pacific ocean. Like, I love this sort of shit. Humanity usually thinks themselves divorced and separate from the cosmos. But nah, motherfucker! It’s definitely interacting with our asses, and this is a fantastic reminder.

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NASA’s Voyager 1 Probe Detects The Steady Hum of Plasma in Interstellar Space. The Cosmos is Glorious!

nasa voyager 1 plasma hum

We’ve sent Voyager 1’s ass into deep space. Interstellar space, even! Now out there, it’s discovering all sorts of dope shit. Take this shit for example: the steady hum of plasma.

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NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Discovers Radio Signal Coming From Venus. This is how ‘The Expanse’ happens, folks!

scientists radio signal venus

Looks like we got ourselves a motherfucking protomolecule situation, friends. Okay, aiight. It’s definitely not that shit, but it’s still wild. You see, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has discovered a radio signal coming from Venus. Like, holy fuck.

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NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and has sent back its first photo. Red Planet is red, baby!

nasa mars helicopter online sent back photo

NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and ready to fucking rock, folks. Rock some photos of rocks and shit! Not only is the motherfucker operational, but it’s sent back its first photo! Now listen I agree the photo fucking sucks. But it’s just the goddamn first one!

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Huge chunk of Alien World may be buried in the Earth, according to a study. Fuck yeah to this study!

vast fragments of alien world buried within earth

A new study proposes that there is a huge fucking chunk of an alien world buried in the Earth. Is this true? Who fucking knows! Additionally, who fucking cares! Just the idea that this is bandied about is fucking rad to me.

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NASA has revealed its plans for first helicopter flight on Mars. A fucking helicopter flight on Mars!

Wait, hold the fuck on! NASA is planning a goddamn helicopter flight? On fucking Mars? My glistening nips, is this ever fucking cool. Today, the Space-Wizards revealed their plans for said flight, and goddamn let’s go fellas!

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Space Swoon: NASA drops image of Venus that reveals nightglow on the planet’s edge. Well done, fellas!

image venus nightglow on planets edge

Ey! Yo! Take this glorious image of Venus and the nightglow on the planet’s edge to the dome! It’s a Tuesday! That fucking sucks! But you know what doesn’t suck? Space!

Hit the jump to check it out, and gleam some details!

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Space Swoon: Mars’ Jezero Crater is a potential site for the Rover to investigate!

nasa mars jezero crater

Hey, yo! Check out the fucking Jezero Crater, a potential site of investigation for the Mars Rover. You go, little bro. Investigate. Detect. You know, find signs of ancient life.

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