‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ E3 2016 Trailer: Awake In A New Galaxy

Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck. I need this game. Trailer straight offering nothing, and yet still straight breaking my dick. 

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Cosplay: Jack and Shepard from ‘Mass Effect’

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ confirmed for “Early 2017″ launch

mass effect

Jesus Christ. When all is said and done I’ll have been waiting five fucking years for my next Mass Effect. Five fucking years!

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BioWare secretly revealed its New IP at GDC on a team member’s t-shirt

Mass Effect.

Pretty wild guerilla (?) marketing. A staff member from BioWare wore the company’s new IP on his shirt throughout GDC and no one (understandably) noticed. I imagined there are many folks currently attempting to find a picture of said Lad, and divine the new IP. Do the hard work for me, friends.

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‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ delayed until Q1 2017

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ E3 Announce Trailer: Dropping in 2016

What the fuck. Like, *the game* I was sweating this year.

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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ lead writer leaving BioWare to return to Bungie

Mass Effect 4

What the fuck? Man. I want ME4 to be good so hard. So hard! So hard, that this news really concerns me. The optimist within this meat-shell hopes this is just a case of Chris Schlerf returning to Bungie because he missed the joint and they made him a sizable offer to save Destiny. Not, you know, him abandoning a ship of dumpster-fire ruin.

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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Trailer: Happy N7 Day, But Like, Some Footage Maybe?

BioWare has dropped a new Mass Effect 4 trailer in celebration of N7 Day. It’s all good and such, with Commander Shepard “signing off” or whatever. But man. Can we see some fucking footage? Like even a dialogue wheel? Maybe?

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Look: ‘Mass Effect’ imagined as a PS1 game

‘Mass Effect’ getting “4D” theme park ride in California

Mustache Ride or someting.

Mass Effect! Motherfutzer returns next year, and god dammit I cannot wait. Also arriving next year? A friggin’ Mass Effect theme park ride.

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Drew Karpyshyn, writer of the original ‘Mass Effect’, has returned to BioWare

Welcome back, Drew Karpyshyn! You are the writer of the original Mass Effect, and a lad who had spent a long time with BioWare. You wandered off, and realized how good you had it at your former employer. Now you’ve returned. Wizened. Grateful. Homesick. Us BioWare fans are happy to have you back, too.

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