Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s ‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ gets cover reveal

Wonder Woman.

Apparently Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette have been working on a Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel for a hot minute. I can’t remember if I forgot to remember this project, or if I never knew about it. But! Oh! Oh is it ever reveal. And now it has a cover to prove it.

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Grant Morrison has been named Editor-in-Chief of ‘Heavy Metal’ magazine

Well thenz

Oh, Grant Morrison. I shouldn’t even fucking attempt to predict what you’ll be up to next.

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OMEGA-LINKS: Agent Carter Roams The Moon!


Pinch my tits and call me an infidel! Another busy-as-fuck Monday, another complete lack of updates. But nary a worry is warranted, friends. Carry your trough up to the table and I’ll fill your little receptacle with the bullshit that got marked “saved for later” today, and the “later” never came.

Including! Agent Carter, those Comcast fuckers, Grant Morrison, the wonderful Police State, and more!

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Grant Morrison says Alan Moore KILLED THE JOKER in ‘The Killing Joke.’


I’ve always sort of interpreted the ending to The Killing Joke as The Bats finally killing the Joker. So I’m going to double-down on my belief, supported by the Wizard Mind of the Intergalactic Shaman of Comics.

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Only Grant Morrison, man. Only he would helm something as fucking wonky as this. And, don’t get me wrong. I’m stiffened in the groin-parts for this. Precisely because it is Grant Morrison.

Hit the jump for a trailer, and more info.

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Grant Morrison explains why SUPERHERO MOVIES aren’t enough. Read the comics.

Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison has an interesting quote regarding what people will miss should they eschew reading comic books in favor of only watching funny book movies. It’s intriguing, because I have lately been wrestling with my own contempt for the printed formula while simultaneously jacking it to the cinematic flavor. What would I be missing if I got off the comic book Ferris Wheel?

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Grant Morrison says COMICS CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. ILU, Grant.

Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison may have shat out a what I felt to be a rather unexciting Superman story within the pages of Action Comics, but that hasn’t stopped me from suckling at his theoretical teat. He has hung a pretty inspiring quote on the Internet at Large, wherein he discusses the beautiful possibilities inherent within the medium of comics.

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Grant Morrison responds to Alan Moore’s continual trash talking. It’s on!

Alan Moore doesn’t like Grant Morrison. That shouldn’t be surprising. Alan Moore doesn’t like anything that isn’t wizardry, orgies involving mythical creatures, or giving birds a home in his beard. After taking a continual beating from everyone’s favorite comics scribe turned necromancer, Grant Morrison has responded to Moore’s criticism.

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GRANT MORRISON looking suave sporting his badge from Prince Charles.

It isn’t every day that an intergalactic aliens-courting cross-dressing shaman gets a medal or some shit. So, today must be a rare day indeed. Grant Morrison has taken to Twitter to sport the rocking badge he was given by Prince Charles, an achievement that can only serve to prove how awesome the writer happens to be.

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Buy These F**king Comics! – September 26, 2012: Grant Morrison’s crystal skull divines the future.

Ooph! It’s been a minute. How have you all been? I haven’t written this column in what, a month? Or so? Haven’t been to the comic store either in about that much time. It doesn’t have anything to do with a lack of love for the medium. Just been busy. Did my first convention, and been spitting annoyed at the idea of DC jacking off to the New 52 and Marvel yet again unleashing a torrent of new #1 issues. I recognize that doesn’t mean I have to punish the indie creators and all the other interstellar wonderful comics out there. For that, I apologize. Lords of the Funny Book, with ragged knees and cut-up hands, I drag myself to you in supplication.

Let us return to Buy These F**king Comics!, the column where we share the rags we’re picking up on a given week. Don’t see your title in my list? Good! Hit me up with recommendations. Audience participation is crucial.

Don’t know what’s dropping? Hit up Comic List.

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