Grant Morrison says COMICS CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. ILU, Grant.

Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison may have shat out a what I felt to be a rather unexciting Superman story within the pages of Action Comics, but that hasn’t stopped me from suckling at his theoretical teat. He has hung a pretty inspiring quote on the Internet at Large, wherein he discusses the beautiful possibilities inherent within the medium of comics.

Robot 6:

“Everyone’s trying really hard to do the three-act structure, and write like movies, and do it by the book. You know what you can do in comics? You can do anything. So what I did was to have the impossible happen. There’s a bit in [Action Comics #18] when Superman comes to the audience and says: ‘If we do the impossible, the devil disappears.’ And you go: What? How? Why? I put it in there because nowhere else — you couldn’t get away with it in TV, you couldn’t get away with it in movies. I wanted to show that comics can actually do the impossible. Here’s a comic that would never get by a committee. This is true weirdness. I’m hoping it will be an actual experience for people. I want it to be almost psychedelic on that level. People should go check it out, because it’s Psychedelic Superman.”

– Grant Morrisondiscussing the conclusion of his run on Action Comics with this week’s Issue 18