You’ve been put on notice, Danny Dorito.

“FREE TYRION” print brings the plea for all of us

Free Tyrion!

Vlad Rodriguez with timely and gorgeous print. I ain’t going to fight for you, Tyrion. But I’ll slather this poster among the dung-hall of Westeros. Which is what I call my bathroom. Dig it? Buy the print right here.

HBO shows going to AMAZON PRIME. ‘Cept like no ‘THRONES’, man.

hbo go and shit

Great news, Amazon Prime customers! (Hi!). Well, except for those Amazon Prime customers who have HBO (Hi!). The Prime Service has signed a deal with the Home Box Office to bring a litany of shows to their streaming service. The only caveat? Some select fucking shows aren’t offered. Like you know. Thrones. And True Detective. #SMH as they say.

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Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones, or as we call it around the office White People Fucking Their Siblings On Dragons w/Politics, has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season. This shouldn’t be surprising, as the show has slowly begun to consume our pop culture psyche at something like Breaking Badian levels.

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Dragon Boner: ‘GAME OF THRONES’ SHOWRUNNERS sign on for two more seasons

Game of Thrones.

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are hanging around the Game of Thrones set for at least two more seasons. Which is fucking fantastic, since I have as much faith in George R.R. Martin finishing the novels, and other people being stewards of the show as I do in my proofreading. The minds behind the entirety of GoT up to this point ain’t going nowhere as of yet. And if the Gods are Good, the two brilliant fucks will see this son of  a bitch all the way through.

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George R.R. Martin

You have to love George R.R. Martin, and his dripping diaper. Dude seems to be crapping his pants over the fact that Game of Thrones is catching up to his series. Instead of actually, you know, writing the next novels he seems to be coming up with a litany of ideas to cover his ass in case (NAY, WHEN) the television show burns through his material. His latest proposition? A movie.

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‘GAME OF THRONES’ SEASON 4 Trailer; Plus! How Long The Show Will Run


My abandonment at the hands of a concluded True Detective is vicious. Stumbling, snot-nosed, crying through the aisles of 7-Eleven. My slurpee-vomit caked t-shirt displaying Rust’s face. My finger paint execution of said likeness, flawless. Thankfully though, there shall be a Throne soon arriving to quell this hysteria.

Join me in watching a new trailer for the show’s fourth season! Plus! Details about the show’s long term details!

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‘GAME OF THRONES’ is getting a RAP ALBUM. Brace yourself, 16-bars are coming.


Game of Thrones is getting a rap album. Like, an official rap album. With tracks by talent you’ve come to know.  Fucking Big Boi, Wale and shit. The world is odd.

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Cosplay: Meagan Marie is pretty f**king gnarly as DAENERYS TARGARYEN

the best

Meagan Marie generally fucking owns any sort of cosplay that she undertakes. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that her take on Daneyerysighaijuhiugfuckyoumartin Target is killer as well. But that don’t mean that we can’t bask in the glory all the same.

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‘CONSTANTAINE’ TV pilot snags great ‘GAME OF THRONES’ director


How do you do your best to mitigate the insipidity that is bringing the grizzled, Hard-R character John Constantine to regular television? Well. You cancel the pilot. But if you’re not going to do that, and we both know NBC isn’t, then you bring in dude who directed one of Game of Thrones‘ biggest episodes.

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