‘Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’ Launch Trailer: Still A Mad World

New ‘UNREAL TOURNAMENT’ is coming! Will be free! Developed with fans!

Unreal Tournament!

The gaming world is a weird one these days. Huge creators leaving their Triple A nests by the dozen. Virtual Reality headsets offering promises of glorious tentacle-gape (to me) and billion-person MMOs. A famous franchise like Unreal Tournament being revived. For free! As a fan collaboration.

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Hello slime, I have missed you. Two days in the gorgeous, but insanely backwards state of Florida has given way to a return to the Space-Ship proper. I’m sitting in the Space Hub, paying $3000 space-cubits per minute to type up this bad boy before departure. Instead of trying to cover everything upon return, here’s a fucking rundown of all the dope stuff I’ve noted whilst away from my terminal.

Read all this dope shit, and then hit the comments with your own…commentary? Clearly the sun has done nothing to help my tattered remains of lucidity.

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DUDE HUGE has teased us with a glimpse at his NEXT FUCKING PROJECT. The image itself doesn’t really do anything for me. I imagine it doesn’t do much for anyone. However, what it represents is something special. It works deep into my testicles, tingling them and reminding them of a gaming world where HUGE DUDES canvassed the Earth. The gaming industry is much more lively when CliffyB is dropping games on our asses. In our asses. Everywhere.

Hit the jump for more info. Oh, and the image.

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Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic Games. HOLY MUNG.

This is a bit shocking to me. Folks, there has been a separation of unfathomable gaming magnitude. I never thought I’d see the day that Dude Huge would leave Epic Games. Dude went together with them like Miyamoto and Nintendo, Kojima and Konami. Up is down, left is right. Dorks with really honest replicas of Lancers are unknowing who to get to sign them. This is pandemonium.

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‘GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT’ Dropping Next MARCH. Roid Up, Rock Out.

The turnaround time on the next Gears of War joint is significantly mitigated in comparison to previous entries. Get ready to rock out prequel stylee early next year.

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I guess I don’t have to worry about having a rig that can play the first game running Unreal Engine 4. Phew.

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‘GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT’ REVEALED; Totally Looks Like Prequel. Bro Hug.

Yo! Fuck Monday. That’s so far away. The lid has been blown off Gears of War: Bro Hugs Through Cuffs today, and in a world with no patience that is exactly how we’ll have it.

Hit the jump for the Game Informer  covers.

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Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski To Future Indie Devs: Make Your Games On PC

Dude Huge! Cliffy b! Whatever you want to call the good chap, he’s been cutting his teeth in the industry for years and years. Speaking at a GDC panel this week,  Bleszinski gave some advice to future indie developers: the PC is where it is at.

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‘Gears Of War’ Creators Ain’t Down With SOPA. Beefy HGH-Armed High-Five!

A plethora of companies are throwing their weight behind the proposed SOPA bill. Not really caring about its dangerous implications of freedom of speech on the internet or whatever, so long as it cuts down on piracy. Epic Games  ain’t rolling with that posse.

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