Donald Glover is Lucasfilm’s top choice for Young Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover.

Woah. I can dig this.

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Dan Harmon: A ‘Community’ movie will happen; will be great


Dan Harmon. Let Community, your beautiful, overdrawn TV show rest easy now. Please.

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Community’s sixth season was its last; we may still get a movie


I can’t be too sad about Community ending after six seasons. After all I, you know, never even watched the sixth one. But here’s hoping we get a movie? Please?

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Joel McHale going to be in ‘X-Files’ revival as a Bill O’Reilly type

Joel McHale.

Joel McHale! X-Files! Together!

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Yahoo is in talks for seventh season of ‘Community’


I didn’t watch Community in its current, sixth-season iteration.  The cast turnover, the new place of residence, all of it was off-putting to me. Did you? Should I? So I’m not really qualified to judge whether or not this is good news. All I know is that with ever subsequent season that has ended, I’ve felt more and more like the actual show has been left behind.

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‘Community’ Season Six Trailer: Behold the Age of Yahoo

‘Community’ returning March 17! Coolcoolcoohforgetit


Community! It fucking lives! Community! Premiering March 17! On Yahoo. How am I watching it on Yahoo? Is there a fucking app? Or something? Eh?

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Justin Lin directing ‘Star Trek 3.’ F**k yeah.

Justin Lin

Justin Lin rules. Star Trek 3 needs a talented director with a knack for bringing the energy to an ensemble. The combo fits.

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‘Community’ tentatively returns on January 27, according to Harmon


No Nicole Brown. No Glover. No Chase. No problem? (What a fucking dumb lead-in.) With or without those talented folk, the sixth season of Community is a-coming. And we now have a (tentative) return date, thanks to the show’s creator.

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Yvette Nicole Brown is leaving ‘Community’

Yvette Nicole Brown.

How many stars can Community lose before it crosses the Rubicon and becomes Different Entity, Same Appellation? I imagine some would argue that it crossed that river a while ago.

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