Bruh! Bruh! Bruh! Reignite the Torches and burn away the Darkest Timeline. We hath been delivered.

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Hulu thinking about ‘COMMUNITY’ sixth season. MAYBEKINDASORTA

Community season 5.

File this under: speculation. But it’s speculation about Community, its resurrection, and escaping the darkest timeline. So yeah!, we’re going to fucking engage in it.

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‘COMMUNITY’ cancelled. Five seasons and a heartbreak?

Community season 5.

Well, what has seemed inevitable more than once has come to pass. Community has been given the axe by the NBC brass.

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YOU JEST?! – ‘COMMUNITY’ movie could be happening. Justin Lin may direct.

Annie approved.

…and in that moment, “Six seasons and a movie” no longer seemed like fan-propelled (including yours truly!) balderdash. A Community movie may be really-seriously-holy-fucking-shit happening. Or not. ‘Cause rad things seem to seldom happen to this show. But then fucking improbable things happen! Like Harmon returning. IDFK.

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Power Couple

Dan Harmon. Mitch Hurwitz. Hard to think of two bigger cult heroes in the world of comedic television. (I’m not really thinking hard at all, but I ruminate on their names and I’m like HOLY SHIT THEY’RE BOTH BIG.) Now these two wonderful bastards are working on a project. Together! Can your gaping maw hold their glory thrusts? Mine can!

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WATCH: ‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ PARODY by ‘COMMUNITY’ stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash


One of the surest signs that you’ve made it as a cultural touchstone is when you begin getting parodied into Oblivion. It appears that True Detective has reached such status. ‘Cause True Detective has taken more than its fair share of (amusing?) potshots this week in anticipation Sunday’s finale. The latest one is courtesy of Joel McHale and Jim Rash of Community (and other sundry successes) fame. 

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‘HARMONTOWN’ Trailer: Dan Harmon’s Belligerent, Beautiful Ride


There’s a documentary coming out about Dan Harmon – creator of Community, raving mad man, mind behind Harmontown, obese, belligerent inspiration to yours truly. I’m hoping it’s good! That it cuts closer to the quick than the trailer shows. More “this is Harmon dealing with himself” and less “Harmon is ZANY GUY.” We’ll see! Or maybe you won’t. I’ll see. Definitely.

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‘COMMUNITY’ Season 5 Trailer: Jeff Winger’s Wild Ride

Community Season 5.

I don’t know, man. There is a serious stretching of the narrative cartilage present in this trailer for the fifth season of Community. Stretching that is needed to get Winger back onto campus. I didn’t laugh — at least not much. But I don’t know. In Harmon I trust?

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‘COMMUNITY’ is doing another D&D episode. COOL. COOL. COOL.

Advanced D&D.

Oh man Dan Harmon I love you. Somehow you’ve clawed your way back onto the Community throne and you’re using your powers to bring us seeming glory in your show’s fifth season.

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Cool cool cool.

The show I love that by all signs shouldn’t have gotten a glorious fifth season and definitely shouldn’t have regained its creator is coming back this January. Rejoice, all ye faithful.

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