Dan Harmon: A ‘Community’ movie will happen; will be great


Dan Harmon. Let Community, your beautiful, overdrawn TV show rest easy now. Please.


It seems like Community was canceled forever ago, but the series (?) finale aired on the dearly (??) departed Yahoo! Screen just over a year ago. It was a superb and — in typical Community fashion — knowing episode, with the Study Group pitching what they think “season seven” will be like. Jeff imagines strangling Abed clones; Chang introduces everyone to a new character, Ice Cube Head; and the Dean has Shirley and Elroy discuss “y’know, hallelujah, and church, and singing, and street wisdom” while resting his hand on Jeff’s abs. Any of the pitches would have worked, but unfortunately, a seventh season of Community isn’t in the works. Neither is a movie.

Hashtags are a lie!

Creator Dan Harmon (who’s busy at work on Rick and Morty season three) told Larry King that “if I pull out a typewriter right now and write a Communitymovie just for my own heart and mind, then I have to go through the heartbreak and agony of finding out which of the people will show up to make it. On the other hand, if I wait for everyone to line up and say, we’re all out of work and ready to do a Community movie, well, I guess that’s a bad idea, too.”

Harmon hasn’t given up on the second half of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, though. “It’ll make a great movie,” he said. “It’ll happen.” If Harmon needs a premise, he should check out Larry King’s Twitter. Some solid ideas in there.