James Gunn says “new technology” will prevent ‘Guardians 2’ footage from leaking at SDCC

good luck

James Gunn must have read my blog post last week. You know, me. Czar of the Internet. IdiotCaptain of the Fools Brigade. ‘Cause dude was like, “theĀ GoTG 2 footage being shown at SDCC won’t be seen by the public for a while” to which I responded “haha yeah okay.” While now this week bro is promising “new technology” to prevent leakage. A footage-convention diaper, if you will. To this I say: good luck.


It seems San Diego’s Comic-Con International will have new measures in place this year to prevent pirates from leaking convention-exclusive content.

Addressing a fan on his Facebook page, director James Gunn revealed that some kind of “technology” will be used to stop piracy at the convention:

james gunn

The exact technology that’ll be used to block the pirates hasn’t been revealed, but asComicsAlliance speculates, SDCC could be testing out Apple’s new patent that allows the company to turn off a user’s cellphone camera at any time.

Gunn’s vigilance in stopping pirates makes sense, considering the news that SDCC will screen never-before-seen footage from his “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”