Dan Harmon: A ‘Community’ movie will happen; will be great


Dan Harmon. Let Community, your beautiful, overdrawn TV show rest easy now. Please.

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Community’s sixth season was its last; we may still get a movie


I can’t be too sad about Community ending after six seasons. After all I, you know, never even watched the sixth one. But here’s hoping we get a movie? Please?

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‘Community’ tentatively returns on January 27, according to Harmon


No Nicole Brown. No Glover. No Chase. No problem? (What a fucking dumb lead-in.) With or without those talented folk, the sixth season of Community is a-coming. And we now have a (tentative) return date, thanks to the show’s creator.

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Hulu thinking about ‘COMMUNITY’ sixth season. MAYBEKINDASORTA

Community season 5.

File this under: speculation. But it’s speculation about Community, its resurrection, and escaping the darkest timeline. So yeah!, we’re going to fucking engage in it.

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Dennis Culver Draws Dean Pelton From ‘COMMUNITY’ In All His Costumes. Cool Cool Cool.

The bomb diggity! Dennis Culver has drawn up Dean Pelton from Community  in every one of his costumes. The hiatus may be in affect, but Community  still surges deep in my soul.

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