Hulu thinking about ‘COMMUNITY’ sixth season. MAYBEKINDASORTA

Community season 5.

File this under: speculation. But it’s speculation about Community, its resurrection, and escaping the darkest timeline. So yeah!, we’re going to fucking engage in it.

Both Deadline and Vulture are reporting that Sony Pictures Television has entered into “conversations” with streaming service Hulu about one more, 13-episode season of Community, presumably to debut sometime in the fall or winter of the next TV season. As Vulture notes, “conversations” are very different from “negotiations,” which would imply a deal is likely to close. But at the very least, somebody is talking to somebody about bringing the show back. The chief advantage to Hulu resurrecting the show right now is that it would still have the actors under contract for less money than it would cost to hire them in a few years (most likely). The chief disadvantage is that a series in its sixth season is likely going to be quite expensive for a streaming service that almost certainly has a lower operational budget than its two main competitors (Netflix and Amazon) and pretty much every TV network. Also, as A.V. Club contributor Myles McNutt notes, these sorts of reports are often floated in the press as a kind of negotiating tactic. They sometimes result in the unlikely resurrection of The Killing or Breaking In, and they sometimes result in nobody wanting Pan Am, the poor thing. (For another example, recall the frequent rumors from last year that USA was going to resurrect Happy Endings, until that, uh, didn’t happen.) [AV Club]