Ryan Coogler (‘Creed’, ‘Fruitvale Station’) directing and producing TV show, ‘Minors’

Ryan Coogler.

I’m down for anything Ryan Coogler is attached to these days. And Coogler seems to have a good amount on his plate. The director ain’t just doing Marvel’s Black Panther, nuh-uh. He’s also joining Destin Daniel Cretto in directing the TV series Minors.

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David Fincher and Charlize Theron’s project ‘Mind Hunter’ picked up by Netflix

David Fincher.

Apparently David Fincher has a long gestating project with Charlize Theron! Who knew! Doubly apparently, this project has toiled away in development hell for a good long while, but it is finally going to gain traction.

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Que? Vince Vaughn in talks for ‘True Detective’ Season 2

Vince Vaughn

Time is an endless series of horrible buddy comedies? Apparently Vince Vaughn is in talks to join True Detective‘s second season. Jokes aside — whatever. I have faith that the creatives can get the best performance out of him, and I get the impression Vaughn needs the win right now. Thoughts?

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Jenny Slate guest starring on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Jenny Slate

Random TV coverage? Ain’t nothing random around these parts, fool. It’s the patterns you don’t see! The patterns you don’t see! Why am I covering Jenny Slate+Brooklyn Nine-Nine? ‘Cause Slate’s Obvious Child is one of my favorite movies of the summer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine rules.

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‘Better Call Saul’ is set in 2002. Features time travel

Better Call Saul.

Shit I mean not like literal time travel, but the show is going to be NON-LINEAR AS FUCK. Apparently. The son of a bitch starts in 2002 when good old Saul wasn’t even Saul, but it’s going to span the length of Breaking Bad. And beyond?!

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Gaiman’s ‘AMERICAN GODS’ getting TV Series on STARZ

American Gods.

As the American Gods turns! Yeah, lame topic sentence. Lazy, lazy. Just add “Subject X!” to the “as the world turns” cliche and unleash on groaning public souls. Anyways, whatever. There’s a new development in people developing American Gods for the screen BIG or SMALL. This latest possibility involves Starz. Or as I call it, the Station that Ruined Torchwood. I’m optimistic though, cause Bryan Fuller is helming it. And dude is talented.

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Bruh! Bruh! Bruh! Reignite the Torches and burn away the Darkest Timeline. We hath been delivered.

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Elden Henson cast as FOGGY NELSON in ‘Daredevil.’ THE SHOW GETS MIGHTY

foggy nelson

Foggy Nelson has been cast! Motherfuckin’ Mighty Ducks alum Elden Henson has joined the cast of Netflix-Marvel-TV-Time joint Daredevil. The world is better for it.

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Rosario Dawson cast in Marvel’s ‘DAREDEVIL’ TV show

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has join the cast of Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Corporate Synergy Butt Baby of love, Daredevil. This news is perfectly fine by me. My crush on Ms. Dawson has persisted at a quiet, unacknowledged simmer for over a decade now.

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Vincent D’Onofrio cast as KINGPIN in “DAREDEVIL’ TV series

Vincent D’Onofrio.

Looks like the Daredevil TV show is continuing to come together. A couple of weeks ago the show landed its Daredevil, and now they’ve locked down the actor playing his antagonist. That Conniving Bald-Headed Fuck will be played by none other than Vincent D’Onofrio.

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