‘Jurassic World’ Poster: That’s a big f**king dinosaur

Ryan Gosling starring in ‘Blade Runner 2.’ This day rules.

Ryan Gosling.

First the Force Awakens‘ second trailer blew my cocktip off. And now, no sooner have I  reattached it with congealed Diet Dew and shoestring, does this glorious news come out.

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer #2: The Force Is Real

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer Teaser: Heavy Metal! Suits!

‘BioShock 2′, ‘Borderlands Pre-Sequel’ devs 2K Australia closing


Boo! Hiss! Gnashing of teeth! A collective of rather talented developers behind some appreciable sequels to classics is closing their doors.

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Oh God: ‘The Force Awakens’ posters reveal Kylo Ren, new Stormtroopers

goddamn yes

My body can’t even remotely fucking handle these goodies.

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Bill Paxton playing fear-mongering lawyer Jack Thompson in BBC ‘Grand Theft Auto’ film


Bill Paxton rules. And he’s pretty good at playing an unlikable guy. Which makes the actor the perfect choice to play the douchebag, fear-mongering lawyer Jack Thompson.

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‘Guitar Hero TV’ & ‘Guitar Hero Live’ revealed. It’s like playing MTV music videos

guitar hero live

I don’t fuck with Guitar Hero at all. At all! But this reimagining of the franchise seems oddly appealing to me.

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No Duh: ‘Spider-Man’ flick will star Peter Parker, according to Kevin Feige

Amazing Spider-Man #2.

I am one of those folk who really wanted Miles Morales to join the MCU, now that Marvel has joint (wink, wink) custody of Spider-Man once again. But yeah, I never held my breath.

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‘Captain Marvel’ movie getting script from ‘Guardians’ writer, ‘Inside Out’ writer too

Captain Marvel

Woah. None other than Nicole Perlman is being eyed as (one) of the writers for Captain Marvel. Perlman is credited with providing a seminal first draft for Guardians of the Galaxy, bringing a lot of what we loved in the final product with her effort. This is dope++

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