NASA almost got its new MARS-LANDING TECHNOLOGY ready for test


Yes, NASA! Yes! Hurry up with your wunder-technologies. I need to get off this fucking Blue Marble. I got a list of debts a mile long, a warrant in my name, and a boyfriend with genital warts who isn’t particularly happy about me. And a fiance and she ain’t happy about me having that wart-covered boyfriend neither!

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Watch: Gnarly new Batman animated short by creator of ‘BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES’

Batman - Strange Days

In recognition of the God Damn Bat-Man’s 75th birthday, the creator of B:TAS has returned with a new short. God bless you, Bruce Timm. God bless you.

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Opinions Vary: Matinee Movies and More!

An empty theater.

It’s once again that glorious time of year when every week brings a new tent-pole movie that can make a studio’s year as easily as it can break a fan’s heart, that special stretch when restless teenagers want to get out of the house and run-down adults want to get away from their boring lives, so they collectively, one and all, dash through the sun and heat into the dark and cool local cinema. That’s right, friends: It’s the summer blockbuster season (one that seems to start earlier each year, kicked off this time by the new Marvel installment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier). Like the rest of you, I will certainly be there, as I am looking forward to the big-budget entertainment the season typically offers in abundance. I plan to see most if not all of the most anticipated ones, so I can come back here to Omega-Level and discuss their merits and flaws with you fine folks. And I have no doubt that you will do the same too. We will all be there at the movies this summer, except for probably one small difference: I’ll be there when few others are with me at the matinee showings—and this option is something I’d like to trumpet in this week’s OV.

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Double Fine’s ‘HACK N’ SLASH’ Trailer: Link Goes Zero Cool?


This next game from Double Fine has snuck the fuck up on me. Like, in the sense that I had never heard of it until today. But it looks…gnarly enough? Something like Legend of Zelda meets Hackers? I’m game! I just don’t know…What I’m game for.

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Yeah so these two posts came up today. But I didn’t get to them! And lord fucking knows they ain’t getting their own individual posts. They’re getting post-based bunk beds! They can talk to one another. Awkwardly masturbate for the first time while splitting a room. Tell each other their hopes and dreams as they slip off into slumber. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m saying. Anyways.

The X-Men and Spider-Man companies announced a shit load of spin-off movies.

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New ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Stills: Dat Group Pose


Fuck-to-the-Yes! It’s been a week since Bucky and His Robo-Arm fisted my geek prostate! Which can mean only one thing for this pop culture whore. I’m staring at the Guardians of the Galaxy release date with fervor. On to the next one, on to the next one. Here to tide you and me over are a couple of new stills from the latest Entertainment Commercial Propaganda Rag.

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The lumbering, heavy-lunged shamble towards the mono-culture continues on, friends. The latest merger between corporate entities isn’t as terrifying as Comcast and Time Warner. It’s more intriguing. Amazon, who pretty much sells Everything to All Of Us, has bought the number one provider of digital funny books.

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Paolo Rivera’s killer art for ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’

Paolo Rivera Killing It.

The nauseatingly talented (and handsome) Paolo Rivera has whipped up some glorious artwork for next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. It’s as dope as you’d expect, am I right?

Hit the jump for more details about the art, and the episode.

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Canadian dentist wants to CLONE JOHN LENNON. Raise him as son.

Mad scientist wizardry.

Man. All sorts of odd futuristic ethics questions here. Michael Zuk is some sort of weird, creepy obsessive fan of John Lennon. He bought the dude’s fucking tooth. Now he can’t wait until cloning restrictions are lifted so he can clone Lennon and raise him as his son.

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STEPHEN COLBERT totally will replace David Letterman as host of ‘LATE SHOW.’

Stephen Colbert.

Interesting. Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman next year as host of Late Show. First blush: nice. Second blush: how effective is Colbert when he is…himself? And not that caricature he effectively wields on The Colbert Report? This is not a rhetorical question, I’m genuinely wondering.

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