‘Prey’ Gameplay Trailer: A Shock To The Space System

I’ve been saying that Prey looks like BioShock by way of Dead Space, or vice versa. This new gameplay trailer does nothing to change that #take!!!, which makes me all the more stoked.

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Telltale’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Game Is Official. Teaser Right Here!

‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Del Toro and Mikkelsen Go Full Kojima

Hideo Kojima dropped a new trailer tonight for his next game, Death Stranding. It uh, makes very little sense, and features tentacles, Guillermo del Toro, and Mads Mikkelsen. I’m fucking pumped.

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‘The Mummy’ Teaser Trailer: Cruise Is Running. This Time From A Mummy

Nintendo Holding “Hands-On” Switch Event In New York On January 13

nintendo hands-on switch new york

Nintendo is unveiling the fuck out of the Switch in Japan on January 12. Yes, yes they are. However, they’re also following that event up a day later, with a “hands-on” event in New York.

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Desktop Thursdays: Step Into The Spot Like Woo!


Step Into The Spot Like Woo! What’s up, space-pigs. How are you? What’s populating your world(s)? It’s been a busy, busy week for me. I know, I know, no Monday Morning Commute. Busy Monday. So tired Tuesday that the laptop stayed in the bag when I got home. Wednesday I went to a concert. But I’m here, now! Watch me! Step Into The Spot Like Woo! This here, this right here, this right right here here? Desktop Thursday! The weekly wank-off where I show you my existence laid bare. Be it my virtualscape, my hellscape, my physicalscape. Everything and anything I’ve captured in the past seven days falls here.

I hope, friends. That you will. Step Into The Spot Like Woo! And share, oh please share, your own world(s) in the comments section!

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‘The Belko Experiment’ Trailer: Coworkers Are The Death Of You

Here’s the first full trailer for The Belko Experiment! Written by Guardians of the Galaxy guy! Directed by Wolf Creek lad! I can’t fucking wait.

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‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Teaser: Up To Their Ankles In Hot Water

Here’s a new teaser for the fourth season of Sherlock. It’s got Brenjammin Bumerbdick and Bilbo straight chillin’, up to their ankles in trouble. You excited for the upcoming season?

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‘Stardew Valley’ Is Dropping On Consoles In December

stardew valley consoles

Stardew Valley hit the PC earlier this year, inviting many people to waste their time in a gorgeous Harvest Moon-esque world. Now starting in December, console owners will be able to ruin their lives too with this addictive simulator.

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Netflix Offline Viewing Is Now Available For Our Consumption Needs

netflix offline viewing

You can now finally download Netflix movies for offline viewing. Finally! So download all them movies and get media-corpulent while disconnected from bandwidth-pipes.

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