Hugh Jackman Says ‘Logan’ Is In Different Universe Than ‘X-Men’ Movies

logan x-men movies different universe

Logan ain’t playing in the same playground as the X-Men movies, apparently. And fuck, with its wrought timeline and continuity, I say that’s a good thing. That way Logan can do its own thing, without attempting to kiss the ass of the convolution that preceded it.

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‘Terminator’ Returning Courtesy Of James Cameron And ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miler

terminator james cameron deadpool director

The Terminator is apparently coming back, again. Don’t know how many stalled returns for the Terminator we can all get excited for, but who the fuck knows. If it’s a good movie, will I be excited? Sure. Does James Cameron returning, in tandem with Tim Miller give it a good chance at being good? Sure.

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The Rock’s ‘Black Adam’ Getting His Own Standalone Movie

the rock black adam solo movie

The Rock’s Black Adam is getting his own standalone movie. I don’t really know how this is going to work.  DCU doubling down on anti-hero flicks? Perhaps a light massaging of the character’s utter evilness?

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Dan Buckley Promoted To President Of Marvel Entertainment

dan buckley marvel entertainment president

Dan Buckley (who?) is now president of Marvel Entertainment. He’ll be overseeing all the Netflix goodness, as well as all the other TV stuff. I guess?

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Amazon Adapting Neil Gaiman And Terry Pratchett’s ‘Good Omens’

amazon good omens neil gaiman terry pratchett

Amazon is getting in on that Neil Gaiman goodness! The streaming service is turning Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens into a six-part series.

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Desktop Thursdays: The Gospel Of The Omega

kenny omega

It’s been, according to the CalculationWizards, two weeks since I’ve done a Desktop Thursday. That’s aiight-aiight-aiight. The reason? The reason(s)? I don’t know, man. Ennui? A lack of pictures taken during the week? Both? Neither? Both-Neither! But here I am-am-am. A new post! A new look at my world(s) across the past two weeks. Tangible, intangible, virtual, aesthetic, heroic. All goes! Share your own views in the comments section!

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New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer: This Is Hodgepodge Grimdark Shit

If there was any doubt that this movie was a tonally confused misinterpretation of the Power Rangers franchise, this trailer evaporates it. Evaporates it in a wave of horrible CGI, Breakfast Club garbage, and greyscale garbage filming. This movie is going to be shit.

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‘Logan’ Red Band Trailer: It’s X-23’s (Real) World Now

The latest Logan Red Band trailer cements two things, as if there was any doubt. That this is a different, “real” take on Wolverine. And that X-23 is a star in the (hopeful) making. I’m down with both.

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Paul Dini Joins ‘Harley Quinn’ Creative Team

harley quinn paul dini creative team

Paul Dini is joining the creative team for Harley Quinn, starting in April. The genius behind the fan favorite will be writing an ongoing back-up story.

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Confirmed: Miles Morales Is Star of ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Film

miles morales animated spider-man movie

Make mine Miles Morales! Prayers heard. ‘Cause. Bro. In the animated Spider-Man movie mine has been made Miles Morales.

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