‘Winter Soldier’ directors (and other Marvel peeps) helming ‘Agent Carter’ episodes

Agent Carter in the house.

If you know me — you know I’m straight-up goddamn obsessed with Winter Soldier. So telling me that the directors behind Probably My Favorite Marvel Movie are going to helm some Agent Carter episodes results in me hyperventilating. But those talented fuckers aren’t the only Marvel directors tackling the wonderful Peggy Carter. Nuh-uh.

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Joaquin Phoenix in talks for ‘Doctor Strange’

Joaquin Phoenix

Remember back in the day during SDCC when it sounded like Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play Bruce Banner in Avengers? Let me remind you. Okay, now that you’re caught up, it’s SDCC four years later, and apparently The Phoenix may be playing Doctor Strange.

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2K is teasing something ‘BioShock.’ My money is on a remaster

Bite the Apple!

Earlier this summer, the Head Czar of  Take-Two stated that there was a future for both the BioShock and Red Dead franchises. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that we are hearing that 2K is teasing something related to the former franchise. However, what is a bit unexpected is how close the tease is to the aforementioned statements. What exactly is 2K teasing? Who knows. But if I had to bet – given that they just confirmed the series is alive – it’s a “hey don’t forget about us while we work on a new installment” remaster of the original game(s).

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Glory Be: Jessica Biel guest starring on ‘New Girl’

Jessica Biel

I’m still a little butt hurt about how the third season of New Girl played out. But I ain’t throwing the flag in yet. Not by a fucking mile! And as a reward for my show of solidarity, the universe has gifted me Jessica Biel guest starring on the show.

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All The Frowns: DC has dropped new official image of Ben Affleck as Batman


Here’s a new look at Batfleck, folks. For what it’s worth. And we are at a crossroads, too. Or rather, I am. And really, I don’t fucking matter, so who even gives a shit where I am? Anyways. I’ll indulge myself.

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Philip K. Dick’s ‘Man in the High Castle’ coming to Amazon TV

Man in the High Castle

Is it called Amazon TV? Amazon Streaming Content? Original Content? Who fucking cares! Who fucking knows! What is reality, anyways? That’s what Dick wants us to ask. In general, and in his glorious Man in the High Castle. Which Amazon is adapting.

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Batfleck’s Cowl for ‘Batman v Superman’ revealed at SDCC


This is mad late to post. I know you’ve already seen it. Whatever, I’m a busy guy. So here it is anyways. Batfleck’s cowl. Let’s justify this bullshit posting. What do you think? Do you like it? Why? Why not? #DumbTeacherPrompts

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‘Episode VII’ Non-News: Mark Hamill has a goddamn power beard

Fucking Power Beard

Yeah this is legitimately not news at all. But it’s Star Wars and I’m a dirty gaping maw eagerly wanting to be filled with all bits of Episode VII minutiae.

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Lemire and Nguyen dropping sci-fi comic ‘Descender’


More glorious, delicious, gloriously delicious creator-owned news out of Image’s camp. Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen are teaming up to bring Descender into the world. The comic is centered around a Robot Boy who must thrive in a lonely universe whilst avoiding bounty hunters aiming to bring him down.

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Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ gets Official Comic Con Poster + Synopsis


Hey ya’ll. Hey freaks. Do you desire an official synopsis and concept art poster for Ant-Man? Well you’re in luck.

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