‘Better Call Saul’ Trailer: Debuting Feb 8; two-night series premiere

Saul Goodman.

Better Call Your Friends and tell them to keep February 8 open! #LOL#SHITTYTITLEPUNS#IMWORTHLESS You see, that’s the night Better Call Saul is premiering. You know, the Breaking Bad spin-off no one asked for, and everyone is cautiously optimistic about.

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[Watch] Time-lapse of Earth In 4K


Make no mistake. Our planet is fucking gorgeous, despite us over-evolved Monkeys doing our best to eradicate our glorious Blue Marble. Here’s a time-lapse of our Space-Ship, and it should give you both pause and wonder. And if doesn’t you’re fucking dumb. DUMB. Get the fuck out of my face. (I’m just kidding, what a monkey-like reaction. You’re still beautiful.)

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Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Teaser Trailer: Foreboding Monologue!

Iron From Ice

A foreboding monologue can only mean one thing: Game of Thrones teaser. So of course its video game gets a teaser trailer featuring the familiar trope.

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View From The Space-Ship: lower the toast. most formal etiquette is useless.


Welcome to the Outside-Inside look at my life, friends. The world viewed through my Particulars. This time of the year, this time of the semester, it’s mainly looking at books. Underlined sections of parchment parading around as anything other than what they really are — bullshit academic pandering by a bullshit academic (I don’t actually believe that, I’m just tired.) Anyways, check out my existence. My View From The Space-Ship. And share your own in the comments.

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Cosplay: Flemeth from ‘Dragon Age 2′ is a beautiful baddie


Was Flemeth a baddie in Dragon Age 2? Or was that just the first Dragon Age? I can’t…I can’t fucking remember. This cosplay, though? Dope.

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Hannibal Buress’ Matrix rap puts Morpheus on blast.


Just Hannibal Burress layin’ down some ill lines about Morpheus. Who knew that pretentious, The One-finding douchebag’s name could be rhymed with so many things.

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Paul Greengrass adapting ‘1984’ for the movies

Big Brother.

Why do we want to watch 1984? Ain’t it like we’re living this shit? None the less. Paul Greengrass will bring to us proles a movie about proles based on a book about proles and oppression and regression and societal dumbing-down and the surveillance state. Us proles will watch it, most won’t get, and those who do won’t use it to motivate them. Whatever.

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Nielsen will start tracking how much people watch Netflix


I don’t know much about this Nielsen fucker. I just know he/she/it/entity/corporation seems pretty fucking backwards when it comes to judging a show’s popularity. So I’m glad Leslie Nielsen or whatever is finally fucking considering our Netflix habits, too. Measure this shit, Leslie. Save my shows. Get smart.

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Alexandra Daddario and others up for Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’, Luke Cage testing begins!

Alexandra Daddario.

HOLD ON NOW, YOUNG BUC. You forgot yourself about Marvel’s Jessica Jones, didn’t you? Well, I don’t blame you. There’s like thirteen different Marvel projects in development. HOWEVER, YOUNG BUC. I imagine if you saw True Detective, you certain’y haven’t forgotten Alexandra Daddario. She, along with others, are up for the aforementioned role of Jessica Jones. Plus! Here’s some goddamn Luke Cage casting news, too.

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GODDAMN YES: Chris Pratt starring in ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’

fuck yes

Cowboy Ninja Viking was the short-lived but utterly fantastic comic by A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo. Goddamn insane, with hypertextual, ultra-violence madness, it centered on a squad of assassins, spies, and killers with multiple personality disorders. Pratt is playing the lead Duncan, who yes, is a fucking Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking.

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