Japan wants a Robo-Olympics in 2020. No, srsly.

Robot Olympics

Oh! Great fucking idea, Japan. Gather all the fucking robots in the world together in one place for an Olympics. They can start killing us together as one harmonious unit when they look at one another and realize they’re tired of their subjugation by the Clumsy Flesh Bags.

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Edgar Wright’s next film is probably ‘Baby Driver’

Edgar Wright.

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s all move on from whining about Edgar Wright’s departure. Let’s all say the Serenity Prayer, burn our pre-made Ant-Man t-shirts, and look towards the future. ‘Cause that is what Edgar Wright is seemingly doing. And it’s what he’d want from us. (On top of burning our Ant-Man t-shirts.)

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The highest quality copy of ‘Action Comics #1′ being sold on eBay

Action Comics #1.

Call in this debts. Sell those organs. Dance in the dumpster behind 7-Eleven while I flick quarters at you, yelling “eat the banana peel! eat it!” You’re going to need every last dollar if you want to buy this copy of Action Comics #1.

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‘Episode VII’ Rumors: This is Gwendoline Christie’s role?

Gwendoline Christie

Ya’ll smart enough to know the Space-Ship Omega, beclad in seminal fluids and Star Wars figures, wasn’t going to go a day without an Episode VII rumor. The latest one (which frankly I thought was already covered by The Big Sites?) pertains to Gwendoline Christie’s role.

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This will end well: DARPA wants to research “predatory” bacteria

DARPA or some shit

It’s a goddamn toss-up these days. A goddamn toss-up between what fucking manmade blight-contagion-robot-apocalypse-eco-disaster will wipe us out. ALL OF THEM — ALL OF THEM having been the centerpiece of a movie at one point. Don’t we heed the warnings Silver Screen?! No, we don’t. I mean Jesus Fucking Christ, DARPA. Predatory bacteria?

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Geoff Johns: DC’s TV and Movie Universes ain’t the same thing

frowny cakes

Geoff Johns has come out and confirmed what I kind of assumed to be obvious: DC’s movie and television universes are not one entity. Which really smacks of a good thing for those of you who enjoy The Green Arrow Guy and are anticipating Flashman. Keep that Snyder and Goyer cynicism far away from your beloved bitties.

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Cosplay: Asuka from ‘Evangelion’ got that impact-inducing latex suit


Yeah, this Asuka cosplay pretty much killed me. First saw it on my phone, and I fell down a flight of stairs while screaming “Worth it!”

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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Extended Trailer: A New Hope Will Emerge

Star Wars Rebels.

Oh god. OH GOD. Oh god! This trailer for Star Wars Rebels is the fucking berries, man.

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Praise the Goddess: Lucy Lawless is joining ‘Agents of SHIELD.’

Lucy Lawless

Goddamn Lucy Lawless is up in the house. This is a fucking snag, man! Bill Paxton was a hell of a fucking star on Agents of SHIELD last season, and with his uh — demise — it definitely left a talent vacuum. However, if you were like me and sweating this loss of a star, worry no longer! A replacement may very well have been found.

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Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club’ sequel heading to Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club!

Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club sequel is happening. Love it or hate. It’s coming down the pipe, and all of us Ikea Boy Dick Lord haters can either smack of acceptance, or rage. After deep thought, fanboy stroking, and contemplation, I’m going to roll the dice. Palahniuk’s pitch seems interesting, and the talent around him is considerable.

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