Bungie has gained the publishing rights for ‘Destiny’ and left Activision. This can only be a good fucking thing, right?

bungie destiny activision split

Bungie has split with Activision, and they’re taking the mofuckin’ rights to Destiny with them. I don’t hate Destiny, but it’s just never been compelling to me. That said, I’m still excited by this news. Let’s see what Bungie can come up with for the future of the franchise, when they’re not having to answer to Activision and its stockholders on the regular. Right? Maybe?

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Al Pacino is joining Jordan Peele’s Nazi Hunting show. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more torqued about it!

al pacino jordan peele nazi hunting show

Al Pacino is going to be hunting Nazis for Jordan Peele. What an utterly preposterous, glorious statement.

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Astronomers detect more RADIO SIGNALS from outside the Milky Way

astronomers radio signals outside milky way

Oh god! Can you imagine if some intelligent species really is blasting out radio signals from afar? Looking for fellow sentient beings? They would be so, so fucking disappointed in us. Or, maybe not. Who knows. That said, these radio signals probably ain’t from an intelligent life form. But! The source could still be dope as fuck. Like, a goddamn neutron star. See, I told you. Still dope.

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‘Punisher’ Season 2 Trailer: Frankie is out of retirement and back on his vigilante bullshit!

Hey! Enjoy the second season of the Punisher before Netflix kills it! Seriously though, I never watched the first season. And with the pall of all the Marvel cancellations, I’m a bit hesitant to get emotionally involved now.

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‘Captain Marvel’ writer will be showrunner for ‘Vision and Scarlet Witch’ TV series. Can they make me give a fuck?

captain marvel writer vision scarlet witch tv

The writer of Captain Marvel is the showrunner for the Vision and Scarlet Witch TV series. Is this good? We have no fucking clue yet! Additionally, and maybe it’s just me, but who gives a flying fuck about the Vision? Or The Scarlet Witch? Not me, not yet.

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Citizen Astronomers found new planet that NASA algorithms missed. We out here DOING WORK, friends

citizen astronomers new planet nasa missed

Citizen astronomers out here doing work! Making moves! Finding planets! What a future, friends. What a future.

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OmegaPlays: The Messenger – Part 6 – Boners Out For Ian’s Birthday!

Hey, fuckers! Did you miss the stream on Saturday night? If so, what the fuck! But, we got you covered here. Jump into the first stream of the new year! We talking boners. We playing The Messenger. We spending too much time debating Black Mirror: Bandersnatch‘s merits, its medium, and other bullshit. Bags is housing tacos. Ian’s talking about taking his pants off. The fuck you waiting for? Let’s go!

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Report: ‘Star Trek 4’ is shelved which is not the most gnarly thing, but alas

star trek 4 shelved

Not gonna lie! I’ve been silently lusting for Tarantino’s Star Trek. Not Star Trek 4. And yet, I’m rather bummed that the project has been shelved. Probably should have seen this coming though, right? Pine and Hemsworth both walked away last year over a contract dispute. Plus, Star Trek Beyond barely registered in the pop culture consciousness. That said, still kinda sucks.

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HBO has announced the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel cast, ensuring Winter will never fucking end

hbo game of thrones prequel cast

If you’re one of those who is mourning the end of Game of Thrones, don’t worry. HBO got you covered. The network has revealed the cast of the prequel series, ensuring Winter will never fucking end.

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Dave Bautista has joined the Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ movie and everything is awesome

dune dave bautista

Denis Villeneuve got a hell of a performance out of Dave Bautista in Blade Runner 2049. So, it stands to reason that the director would want to work with the motherfucker again. And, he’s going to!

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