‘Westworld’ Season 3 adds Aaron Paul, bitch!

westworld season 3 aaron paul

Super obvious/weak/lame/dated headline aside, this is cool casting. Does it directly impact my viewing life? I’m not sure. Bateman and I tapped on the second season, as time is precious and there are only so many sweeping vistas and overwrought promulgation we could stomach. That said, who knows. Maybe I polish off the season while blogging, or taking a crap, or something.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Trailer: Darkness Only Responds to Darkness

Goddamn, it’s been too long since I got to hang out with Miserably Matty Murdock. At least, within the halls of his own show. I can’t wait.

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‘Captain Marvel’ gets ass-load of official images. Rest easy nerds, her suit is fucking rad

captain marvel official images ew

Yesterday, EW blew the fucking lid off of Captain Marvel. The magazine-website-thing dropped ten official photos, and they’re all pretty rad. Her suit? Dope. Skrulls? Dope. Fucking Kree? Dope.

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Rian Johnson directing Daniel Craig in the murder-mystery ‘Knives Out’ and I’m fucking pumped

rian johnson daniel craig knives out

Rian Johnson fucking rules. I never thought this would be a controversial opinion, but here we are. Wallowing in the post-The Last Jedi Hellscape. Anyways, Johnson is returning to his detective haunts, and he’s bringing Daniel Craig with him.

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‘The Dragon Prince’ Trailer: Netflix’s animated collab between ‘Avatar’ and ‘Uncharted’ talent drops September 14

I really want to like The Dragon Prince. Cool concept, fantastic talent, neat designs. But, man. The animation itself is hard to swallow. It almost appears as though, it’s like, juddering? Just, off-putting. At least at first blush, who the fuck knows. None the less, I’ll give it a shot. Here’s hoping!

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Henry Cavill is gonna play Geralt in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ adaptation for better or worse

henry cavill the witcher netflix

I like Henry Cavill. A good amount. But, I don’t think his dramatic chops go too deep. With that in mind, I’m not really sure how good of a casting he is for Geralt. However, I also haven’t played The Witcher. So what the fuck do I know?

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Streaming tonight! ‘Shovel Knight’! Shooting blindly into jungle foliage! Join us!

David Cronenberg is working on a “long-form personal TV project” and I’m losing fucking my mind

david cronenberg tv project

David Cronenberg is working on a fucking TV project. Man, I can’t handle this idea. Like, in a taut-underwear, extremely excited sort of manner.

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‘A Quiet Place’ Sequel gets official 2020 release date. Celebrate, fans! But do it QUIETLY, LOL

a quiet place sequel 2020

A Quiet Place was…wait for it…ANYTHING BUT at the box office. Hahaha, fuck me, fuck me right in the gullet. Anyways, yeah. The film did great as fuck, and now it Is officially getting a sequel.

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‘Castlevania’ Season 2 Poster: Blood Will Seek Blood!

castlevania season 2 poster blood will seek blood

Metal. As. Fuck. Poster!

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