Monday Morning Commute: We are all Placeholders

in space- INKAXIS

in space | inkaxis

We are all placeholders, man. Temporary installments in a Temporary Universe. Brief iterations, brief organizations of atoms-molecules-matter, and we will all be gone before we know it. That’s fine, that’s cool, that’s whatever. It’s gotta be because it is. No complaints here.

While we’re here, while the Aflame Blue Globe is here, while the Universe is still hurtling towards Heat Death, why don’t we hang out, folks?

Hang out, here, in Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where all of us Placeholders get together and share what we’re excited for during a given week.

What comic book is coming out that you’re sweating? What movie is dropping that you’re anticipating? What fetish website is getting your hard earned bucks and/or meagerly administered strokes? Sharing is caring, so show that you shant neglect me in the comments section.

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Gene Wilder has passed away at the age of 83

gene wilder

2016 is a fucking savage when it comes to sloughing off the mortal coils of beloved famous folk, eh? Fucking savage.

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Astronomers find radio signal so strong that it *may* be from aliens


Like, we all know this isn’t going to turn out to be aliens, right? And even if it were aliens, there’s no way the Trilateral Commission and Anti-Disclosure Bastards would let us know the signal was real, right? Let’s get excited anyways, though. For now.

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Alison Brie joins female-wrestling series from ‘Orange is the New Black’ creator

Alison Brie

Alison Brie. Yes! Wrestling. Yes! Orange is the New Black creator. Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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‘Westworld’ Trailer: You’re one of them, aren’t you?

I really want this show to be good.

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Watch: ‘Avengers: Full House’ is your antidote to the melancholia of ‘Civil War’

Deathstroke will be main villain in Affleck’s ‘Batman’ solo movie


Well, fuck. Couldn’t this news break like, two hours earlier? So I didn’t feel so foolish surfing the reports that Deathstroke is going to be in Justice League. Though, actually. Though, maybe he’ll still be appearing in the latter movie, too.

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ lead character will be named “Number One”, says Bryan Fuller

Star Trek Discovery

I guess this is a reference to some Star Trek joke. But I’m trash, and I haven’t watched much of the series. Trash!, trash I say.

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Ben Affleck reveals Deathstroke footage from ‘Justice League’ (Maybe.)

Today, Ben Affleck has dropped some footage of Deathstroke on Twitter without comment. Most people think it’s a reveal that the character is going to be in Justice League. What do you think?

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Mr. Fuji, WWE Hall of Fame Manager, Passes Away

mr. fuji

Fuckkk! Mr. Fuji taught me a lot as a young human being on this Blue Marble. For example. Always surround yourself with talented people. Embrace uncomfortable and potentially racist depictions of your nationality. And most importantly, if someone gets in your face, blind those pieces of shit by throwing salt in their eyes.

He will be missed.

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