‘The Matrix’ Reboot News: Uh, it’s not a reboot. Or a continuation, says writer Zak Penn

the matrix reboot news zak penn

Completely forgot that The Matrix franchise is getting some new cinematic-blood, courtesy of writer Zak Penn. Well, what exactly is the movie going to be about, WriterGuy? Apparently dude can’t say much — understandably — other than it’s not going to be a reboot or a continuation.

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‘The Matrix’ Being Rebooted By Warner. Bros

the matrix reboot warner bros. michael b jordan

Warner Bros. is looking to get back into The Matrix. With a reboot/maybe not a reboot, potentially starring Michael B. Jordan.

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Ernest Cline writing sequel to ‘Ready Player One’

ready player one

I think Ready Player One is deec. It cribs some concepts from better works (IMO~ OF COURSE) and uses them to jack off to the 1980’s. Which is cool. I imagine it was even cooler to those who valorize said decade. Does the novel need a sequel? I don’t know. Will I read it? Yes.

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Gnarl Rumor: WB wants Christopher Nolan for ‘Ready Player One’

Christopher Nolan.

Ready Player One really isn’t that good of a book. (Though it’s enjoyable. Am I equivocating here? I guess.) However, it is a really enjoyable pastiche that pays homage to about 3,000 of my loves. So while I wasn’t blown away by the title, the content and the concept would certainly be awesome to see on the big screen. And Christopher Nolan directing it? Fuck yes. But I think this is more wishful thinking on WB’s part than anything else.

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‘PACIFIC RIM 2’ HAPPENING in 2017. Plus! Animated Series.


I really enjoyed Pacific Rim. I never thought the movie would receive a genuine sequel, instead having a new installment banished to Endless Wind Cycle of Speculation. Well – I’m wrong again

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‘PACIFIC RIM 2’ script is being written! Del Toro and Zak Penn helming it

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim 2 may not be definitely happening, but at the very least it’s going to have a script. Del Toro is working on the Rim’s sequel with Zak Penn, who you may recognize from somehow being a contributor on for both X3 and The Avengers. So here’s hoping his work on the movie is far more Avengers, far less “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” references.

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