‘Justice League’ News: Zack Snyder shares photo of Batman’s suit

zack snyder justice league batman suit

Now that I’m excited for Justice League, I’m going to say, hey, fuck yeah, neat, check out this image of Batman’s suit. Is it news? Nah! Is it really anything special? Nah! But, I don’t give a shit!

Check it out after the jump!

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Joss Whedon had been working on ‘Justice League’ for a good while before Snyder departed

joss whedon zack snyder departed

It turns out that Whedon had been working on Justice League for a good damn while before Zack Snyder departed the flick. So. Remember all those rumors about extensive reshoot rumors for Justice League. Well, if I had to speculate, and that’s all the pop culture is good for anymore, click bait, speculation, and butt gifs, I would guess Whedon was the man helming those. Adding levity and some smirks to the Distinguish Competition’s Cinematic Universe. But, again, it’s just speculation

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Joss Whedon finishing ‘Justice League’ as Zack Snyder departs due to personal tragedy

joss whedon directing justice league zack snyder

Joss Whedon is stepping in to finish Justice League. The director is replacing Zack Snyder, who is leaving the film after the death of his daughter.

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New ‘Justice League’ poster continues to beg us to unite the Grimdark Gang

justice league unite the league poster

Must be a day for shitty comic book properties’ posters, huh? First the Defenders. Now this poster for the Grimdark Gang.

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‘Justice League’ Trailer: Exactly What You’d Expect From Zack Snyder

For better or worse, this trailer is exactly what you’d expect from Zack Snyder at this point. For me? The trailer is a collection of overly glossy, desaturated, heartless action, ill-executed jokes, and both literal and figurative garbage fires. The movie seems no better and no worse than any of his other DC movies, and how you interpret that statement is up to you.

(This is me just trying to be p. chill on a Saturday, I’m sure I’ll find my usual level of emotionally-unbalanced spleen about this later.)

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‘Justice League’ Poster: Heralding The New Trailer Coming Saturday

justice league poster new trailer saturday

Justice League got itself a new trailer coming Saturday, and it appears a new poster today. The poster? It’s uh, generic as fuck. But I’ve long since given up trying to read a superhero movie’s quality through its promotional posters.

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See Aquaman Swimming In ‘Justice League’ Footage Shared By Snyder

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

Hey! Desperate for any morsel of Justice League footage? Well! I’m not! But Zack Snyder doesn’t care, sharing a brief clip of Aquaman swimming. While it’s low-resolution, it does seem to confirm one thing: Snyder’s lame ass color palette! Nice!

Click the jump because it’s a fucking dumb Twitter embed which I despite oh so much.

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Zack Snyder Teases Batman Fight Scene From ‘Justice League’

zack snyder teases batman justice league fight scene

Well. Ben Affleck may or may not be wanting out of the role of The Batman, but that ain’t concerning to Zack Snyder. The director took the time today to tease a fight scene from Justice League featuring the masked vigilante flying rodent guy.

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‘Aquaman’ Is Zack Snyder’s “Baby” According To Jason Momoa

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

Whelp, if you were excited for Aquaman, maybe temper that excitement a bit.

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New ‘Justice League’ Photo Has Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash Getting Their Pose On

wonder woman batman flash justice league photo

A new Justice League photo has a good portion of the squad doing what superhero squads do (second) best: posing.

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