‘Justice League’ Trailer: Exactly What You’d Expect From Zack Snyder

For better or worse, this trailer is exactly what you’d expect from Zack Snyder at this point. For me? The trailer is a collection of overly glossy, desaturated, heartless action, ill-executed jokes, and both literal and figurative garbage fires. The movie seems no better and no worse than any of his other DC movies, and how you interpret that statement is up to you.

(This is me just trying to be p. chill on a Saturday, I’m sure I’ll find my usual level of emotionally-unbalanced spleen about this later.)


The sizzle reel for Justice League at Comic-Con 2016 gave us a look at the team in its early stages, but now we’ve got a first official trailer to mull over. And there’s certainly plenty to mull over, from all sides. We get to catch up with Wonder Woman and Batman as they travel around persuading Arthur Curry, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone to join the team. That’s the kinda stuff we saw in the Comic-Con footage and it comes with a far different tone than we’ve seen in Batman V Superman. It’s definitely got a bit of that Suicide Squad edge to it, complete with a thumping White Stripes soundtrack.

Then we get a cover of The Beatles “Come Together” to really knock home that this team is gelling and taking on Parademons without much remorse. Aquaman is killing them with his trident like a regular Brick Tamland and even hitches a ride on the Batmobile to show he’s such a rebel. We also get some touching moments with Barry Allen and his dad in prison — something most fans already got a lot of on The Flash television show — and some bad news for Cyborg’s father thanks to a Mother Box in the house.

Ben Affleck’s Batman is like the grouchy old dad of the bunch here and he gets some of the best lines. Admitting that his only superpower is his massive amount of cash is a step in the right direction. There’s plenty to decipher and read into, I’m sure, but until then we can enjoy the trailer and some of the visuals that go with it. Hopefully, it’s not going to be a disaster.