New ‘Justice League’ poster continues to beg us to unite the Grimdark Gang

justice league unite the league poster

Must be a day for shitty comic book properties’ posters, huh? First the Defenders. Now this poster for the Grimdark Gang.

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‘Justice League’ Trailer: Exactly What You’d Expect From Zack Snyder

For better or worse, this trailer is exactly what you’d expect from Zack Snyder at this point. For me? The trailer is a collection of overly glossy, desaturated, heartless action, ill-executed jokes, and both literal and figurative garbage fires. The movie seems no better and no worse than any of his other DC movies, and how you interpret that statement is up to you.

(This is me just trying to be p. chill on a Saturday, I’m sure I’ll find my usual level of emotionally-unbalanced spleen about this later.)

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