‘Twin Peaks’ Revival cast includes Trent Reznor, Jim Belushi, 200+ others


Holy shit, the cast of the Twin Peaks revival is enormous. And. Awesome.

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‘Twin Peaks’ revival starting production in September; looking at 2016 premiere

twin peaks

That Twin Peaks revival that’s been on, off, on again? It’s finally getting started this September. Yes, yes! you proclaim. But when is it dropping? Uh. Um. Sometime. In 2016.

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‘Twin Peaks’ miniseries expanded up to 18 episodes. All directed by Lynch.

Twin Peaks!

Well, isn’t this a curious, fortuitous, radical swinging of events. Not only is the Twin Peaks revival happening, not only is David Lynch returning, but the show’s order is expanding to eighteen episodes.

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David Lynch rejoins ‘Twin Peaks’ revival, third season back on at Showtime

twin peakz

Very good, very good news indeed for Twin Peaks fans. David Lynch has rejoined the show’s revival, and is slated to direct every episode.

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Godard’s ‘Alphaville’ being remade by ‘Twin Peaks’ cinematographer


Godard’s Alphaville is a pretty sparse, but radical gnarly gnarly science-fiction from the Way Back machine. Not one I hear spoken about often, and certainly one I didn’t expect to be remade.

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Official: Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ returning in 2016 for limited Showtime run

Twin Peaks

You can always go home again. It seems. David Lynch is bringing back Twin Peaks. A show which has always been popular, but judging by Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix activity has seen its cult swell in recent years. Lynch is bringing his baby back to none other than Showtime, for nine-episodes.

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Weekend Open Bar: 5ive Years In A Lifetime

dancin' groot getting the fuck down

It’s Friday! Friday! Friday! Which is probably less exciting to me. Being on semester break. Funny thing about weekends when you’re unemployed. They don’t quite mean so much, except you get to hang out with all your working friends. But none the less! Fun shall be had. By me. Food shall be consumed. By me. And I’m going to frequent this goddamn insane column, Weekend Open Bar.

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GUILLERMO DEL TORO working on ‘TWIN PEAKS’-esque show for HBO? Yes plz.

Guillermo Del Toro is bringing his considerable talents to premium channel television, boyos! Motherfucker is developing a Twin Peaks styled jam for the powers that be at HBO. This can only be a good thing. Unless it sucks. Then it is a bad thing.

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