Space Swoon: Chinese satellite captures gorgeous far side image of the Moon and Earth

chinese satellite far side moon earth

Take a look at this goddamn glorious far side image of the Moon and Earth, my dudes.

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SpaceX Planning To Send Two People Around The Moon Next Year

spacex trip around the moon

SpaceX has been approached by two obviously rich as fuck private citizens, who want to be sent around the Moon. And! The good, kind, cosmos-capitalist company has agreed, with plans slated for next year.

I’m jealous. Very jealous.

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The Moon Is Way Older Than Thought; Up To 140 Million Years Older

the moon older than thought

The uh, the Moon is way, way, way older than we thought. Hey! Fuck! Don’t blame me. I’m just a slob who posts banality and stares at asses all day long. Blame one of the SpaceWizards.

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Space Swoon: Moon and Earth’ straight chillin’


Here’s a perspective that we seldom see. The Moon LARGE AS FUKK hanging out with a Blue Marble that actually looks like a Blue Marble. Don’t see that much. Unless you’re one of those douchebag Kryptonians lurking among us. Flying into space at well. Probably looking at my dong with your x-ray vision from the Dark Side. I resent you.

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This is the first image of the Moon by a U.S. spacecraft. Neato.

it's the goddamn moon!

This is the “first picture taken of the moon” by U.S. spacecraft. “First.” If you believe that, I got a fucking bridge to sell you. I have it on good authority that the U.S. has had a base on the Dark Side of the Moon since Teddy Roosevelt’s first administration. Studying the Martians. Preparing. Always preparing.

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I had never heard of the Soviet’s spacecraft, the Zond 8. You see, they taught us in elementary school that the Soviets were vodka-drinking Godless heathens who didn’t fly. No, no. Impoverished from their filthy Communism, they threw rocks at one another and silently begged for American intervention. Well, now I know better! Such a spacecraft existed, and it took a sexy picture of the moon.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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August’s BLUE MOON is gorgeous space rock.

I had no idea that it was possible for there to be two full Moons in one month. That shouldn’t be surprising, since I an an unwashed dunce. What a thrill though!, to continue learning even as I go grey and find my flatulence becoming unrestrained flatulence splattering undies and hair molecules alike.

Let’s learn!

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Lots of Planets May Have Big Moons Just Like Earth’s.

The Moon is awesome. The idea that it is a hovering reminder of an insane collision billions of years ago is rad beyond measure. What I didn’t know until today is that the Moon is a relatively big son of a bitch. See, while it isn’t enormous unto itself, the relative size of the Moon in comparison to Earth was thought to make it special. Not anymore though. Apparently lots of planets may have relatively large moons of their own. Sorry Luna, I still love you.

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The Moon’s Got A Sexy Rearside.

Enlarge. | Via.

Check out a look at the backside of the Moon. She’s got dumps like trucks, what, what. Or something.

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High-Res Photo Of The Moon Is Swank; Where’s The Face?!

Enlarge. | Via.

There’s the face of the moon in all its high-res glory. This picture was taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s Wide-Angle Camera’s and is the mosaic culmination of over 1,300 fucking pictures. If that isn’t technological welcome to the future bonery, I don’t know what is.

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