Andy Serkis rumored to be in ‘The Batman’ which would be pretty fucking cool, honestly

andy serkis the batman

The rumor! Andy Serkis is going to be in The Batman. The take! I dig it. Especially given his already-established relationship with director Matt Reeves.

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Robert Pattinson is officially Batman and I could not be more excited, my dudes!

robert pattinson batman

Let them herb-ass losers cry and start new petitions about this news, folks. Me? I’m fucking stoked.

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Robert Pattinson has been cast as ‘The Batman’ and I’m all the way in on this [Updated: Deadline says it ain’t official-official]

robert pattinson the batman

Robert Pattinson is THE BATMAN. Dude is a dope fucking actor. Forget Twilight, and check out his filmography. So, I’m all the way in on this casting. Let’s go.

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‘The Batman’ will focus on Bruce Wayne and his detective skills. About *fucking* time, my dudes

the batman matt reeves noir

I fucking love Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Perhaps fucking obviously. But, one critique I can get behind is that the BatFascist didn’t really do much detective work. However, that won’t be the case in Matt Reeves’ installment, which has me torqued.

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‘The Batman’ is going to feature the Penguin as the villain which is cool by me

the batman the penguin villain

If the reports are true, The Batman‘s Big Bad will be none other than the Penguin. I can fuck with this.

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Report: ‘The Batman’ could finally fucking begin filming in November. Does this do anything for you?

the batman filming november

DC gotta be breathing a sigh of relief, right? After years of shitting all over themselves, they finally have two hits in Wonder Woman and Aquaman. That said, I’m sure they’d love to have their premiere character, Batman, finally knock it out of the park again. Will Matt Reeves and company be able to pull it off? I think so, but we won’t know until at least 2020.

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Jon Hamm flat out says he would be Batman, so what the fuck WB waiting for?

jon hamm batman

The DC Cinematic Universe is a fucking dumpster fire these days. It has been for a while, actually. Raging endlessly, with each month bringing its own crisis. However, you know what would be a step in the right direction? Casting Jon Hamm as fucking Batman. It’s been rumored dude wants to be Batman. Now, he’s fucking confirmed he would take the role. So like, let’s go.

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Rumor: Oscar Isaac up for “mystery role” in ‘The Batman’ as my hype increases

rumor the batman oscar isaac

I’ve been saying! Oh, I have been fucking saying that The Batman is going to be good. And, no news that has come out has changed my mind. I mean, Oscar Isaac up for a role? Fuck yes.

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‘The Batman’ will begin filming in Spring 2019 with Affleck producing. Hopefully only producing amirite

the batman spring 2019 ben affleck producing

The Batman has a fucking date to begin filming That’s right, friends. Spring 2019! Furthermore, motherfuckin’ Benny Affleck is going to be producing. But let me level with ya, I really don’t want the dude in the suit.

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Matt Reeves says draft of noir-driven ‘The Batman’ will be done in two weeks. I am cautiously optimistic, dudes

matt reeves the batman script

And lo and behold, there was one person still excited for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. That person is me, friends. Yes, I sit alone. For now. But when the movie ends up kicking ass, I will smugly say that I told you so.

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