‘The Batman’ Trailer: He is vengeance. I am horny.

I’ve been on the Robert Battinson train for months, motherfuckers! Therefore, I’m pretty fucking smug after seeing this dope-ass trailer for The Batman. Faith rewarded! Could the movie suck? Of course. But, this is a promising first move. I say, goddamn!

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Ben Affleck also returning as Batman for ‘The Flash’ movie and it’s a goddamn party, baby!

ben affleck the batman the flash movie

Michael Keaton ain’t the only dude returning as Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie. Nope! Ben Affleck is returning as well! Fucking wild. I love it. I love it!

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‘The Batman’ gets official logo and Jim Lee poster ahead of DC FanDome. I’m ready for Robert Battinson, fuckers!

the batman movie posters matt reeves jim lee

Hey! Check this out, you Bat-pigs! Matt Reeves has dropped The Batman artwork by Jim Lee, and also ostensibly its logo. I’m digging both.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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‘The Batman’ ain’t shooting on location anymore when filming resumes. Built sets! This fucking sucks, dudes.

the batman no longer shooting on location

The Batman will eventually resume shooting. And when it does, it’ll be filming on built sets. Fuck me. Ain’t no replacement for filming on location, friends. But, welcome to 2020. Fucking sucks.

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Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ movie getting an HBO Max spin-off because we don’t have enough fucking superhero shit

the batman hbo max spinoff

Hey! The Batman is getting a spin-off series on HBO Max. Who fucking cares, man. However, I should clarify: I’m really stoked for Matt Reeves and his take on The Batman. But, I do not have one single fucking iota of care left for the seemingly infinite amount of superhero shit on TV.

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‘The Batman’ has been delayed until October 2021, so here’s hoping society still fucking exists then!

the batman delayed october 2021

Oh, am I ever being hyperbolic. But, still. The Batman has been delayed until October 2021. A bummer. However, also deeply expected at this point. I mean, right?

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‘The Batman’ director shares official look at the Batmobile and my god am I ever horny

The director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, has shared some official looks at the Batmobile. And friends, I’m fucking loving it. Hit the jump for a couple more!

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‘The Batman’ gets first official look at costume thanks to camera test. Dudes, it is fucking awesome.

robert pattinson the batman official

Man, I’m fucking in love with this first official look at the Battison’s costume in The Batman. Sign me the fuck up. Arkham Knight meets Daredevil, and my boner confirms my love.

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‘The Batman’ has finally begun production! No, I’m fucking serious! Check out this photo from set.

Holy shit, the long, long, long-ass gestating The Batman has finally begun production. Director Matt Reeves commemorated it with an official photo. What a time!

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Peter Sarsgaard cast in ‘The Batman’ probably as Two-Face. Another day, another insane casting for this fucking movie!

the batman two face peter sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard? In The Batman. And playing? According to THR, probably Two-Face.

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