‘MAN OF STEEL’ FOOTAGE and NEW POSTER Debut at Comic-Con. Check them out right hurr.

Man of Steel footage dropped. Here’s some collated reactions, plus a new poster.

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Zack Snyder Claims His ‘Superman’ Is Different Than ‘JLA Movie’ Superman. Ugh.

Jeff Robinov came out this week and said that WB is working like motherfuckers on a Justice League of America movie. Okay. I’m already skeptical. The assumed idea would be that like Marvel is doing, WB would collate all of their singular big name stars like Van Wilder and Henry Cackle or whatever into one juggernaut flick with insane marketability.

Zack Snyder says motherfucking NAY!, to this occuring.

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Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane In Synder’s ‘Superman’. Pissah!

It almost seems ridiculous to get excited about anything surrounding the forthcoming Zack Snyder Superman Reboot Abortion. Sucker Punch has taught me that. Well, it should have. Yet, here I am. Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane, and I can’t help but be excited. Isn’t this the definition of insanity or whatever?

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Official, Yo: Kevin Costner To Play Pa Kent In Snyder’s ‘Superman.’

It was rumored, and now it’s official. Kevin Costner is going to play Jonathan Kent in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

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Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman’ To Be Clean Reboot.

There’s been some ambiguity when it comes to reboots lately. Marc Webb’s Spider-Man is sort of one, maybe. The just announced David Slade-helmed Daredevil isn’t one. Or maybe it is. There’s one flick that is no longer in question, and that is Zack Snyder’s Superman. This son of a bitch is a clean reboot. Thank the Maker.

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Diane Lane Cast As Martha Kent In Snyder’s Superman.

The Snyder Superman Reboot is really real!, and the proof continues rolling in. We’ve been spittin’ about Kevin Costner perhaps playing Pa Kent. Well, now we know definitely who will be holding it down as Ma Kent. The role shall be inhabited by none other than Diane Lane, and good Clark Joseph Kent’s mother is going to be a total MILF.

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Viggo Mortensen To Play General Zod In Superman Reboot?

Now we’re fucking talking. Apparently Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s desire man to play General Zod is none other than Viggo fucking Mortensen. While we’ve heard that both Lindsay Lohan and Kevin Costner have been up for parts, this is the first time that I’ve gotten my manjuices a-fluctuating about a particular casting rumor.

The kicker though? They haven’t even spoken to the dude yet.

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Kevin Costner To Be In Zack Snyder’s Superman? Let’s Do This!

UPDATE: Slashfilm posted the following:

Latino Review reports that Kevin Costner would play Jonathan ‘Pa’ Kent. That was one of the few roles for which Kevin Costner seemed like a logical choice. Seeing him play a villain could have been a lot of fun, but Pa Kent will play solidly to his strengths and image.

Well, guess we know who he’ll play.

Original article follows.


Faster than a speeding douchebag, I’ve become a bit intrigued in Frat Boy Rock’s Superman. Word out of the Hollywood Hype Machine is that Kevin Costner of all people is up for a role in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. If Snyder is just going to go bananas with this movie, then I can get behind it. He wanted Lohan in the flick, and now he wants Costner.

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Henry Cavill Auditioned For Superman In Reeves’ Suit.

Slashfilm has a sneak peak at a Superman article from the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. Forget the news that the film lacks a third act, and get totally excited over omfg – gossip. Apparently, when Cavill auditioned for the role of Superman, Snyder had him try on a replica of Christopher Reeves’ suit.

Oh Frat Boy Rock, you’re bananas!

Hit the jump for the full story, and the EW cover image.

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Source: Zack Snyder’s Superman Already Sucks.

I already have my reservations about Frat Boy Rock’s Superman, and there’s news coming out of the Grand Motion Machinery that’s only fueling them fears. Snyder was thought to be helming up the 300 sequel Xerxes, but he’s been pushed off of it in favor of Guy Ritchie. The reports are that he’s getting pushed off for two reasons; Sucker Punch ain’t tracking well, and more salient to this column, Superman needs all his attention.

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