Kevin Costner To Be In Zack Snyder’s Superman? Let’s Do This!

UPDATE: Slashfilm posted the following:

Latino Review reports that Kevin Costner would play Jonathan ‘Pa’ Kent. That was one of the few roles for which Kevin Costner seemed like a logical choice. Seeing him play a villain could have been a lot of fun, but Pa Kent will play solidly to his strengths and image.

Well, guess we know who he’ll play.

Original article follows.


Faster than a speeding douchebag, I’ve become a bit intrigued in Frat Boy Rock’s Superman. Word out of the Hollywood Hype Machine is that Kevin Costner of all people is up for a role in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. If Snyder is just going to go bananas with this movie, then I can get behind it. He wanted Lohan in the flick, and now he wants Costner.


EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that there is heightened interest in Kevin Costner for a key role in the  Superman reboot that is being directed by Zack Snyder for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. Henry Cavill was recently set in the Man of Steel  role. I’m not exactly sure what role Costner is likely to play, but he has certainly been in good guy mode lately. Beyond his performance in the John Wells-directed  The Company Men, Costner surfaced as an unlikely hero in aiding the cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. British Petroleum purchased over 30 centrifuge machines which separate oil   from water, technology that was developed with a reported $24 million in funding by the actor over 15 years.

Who would Costner play? General Zod? Lex Luthor? Let’s go way out of left field and place him as Pa Kent. That’d be fucking bizarre. Maybe Snyder’s vision is so out there that I can get behind it. Who the fuck knows. All I know is that I would love some Costner in my Superman diet.